Is Meghan Markle's 'Massively Extravagant' Spending Making Her a Royal Pariah?

Meghan Markle ended her first year as a royal a couple of months ago and many people have been looking back on the things that she did in 2018. One big recap that has been getting a lot of attention is the amount of money that Markle spent.

For someone who came from a commoner background, the Duchess of Sussex has been living very luxuriously in just the past year alone. No doubt a lot of onlookers are not happy. However, what do other royal family members think about all of this? Do they care that she is living an extravagant lifestyle or does it not bother them? Here’s what we know.

How much money has Meghan Markle spent as a royal?

Markle has spent quite a lot of money on things such as clothes and events. According to royal blog UFO No More, she spent anywhere from $300,000 to $500,000 last year on her wardrobe. This figure was the highest for any female royal, including Kate Middleton, who only debuted about $85,000 worth of new clothes. For Markle’s trip to Morocco alone, which lasted three days, she was seen wearing more than $100,000 worth of stuff.

Some fans have pointed out that, since Markle is a new royal, she needs to stock up on more clothes than people like Middleton, who has been a royal for almost ten years and has a reservoir of appropriate clothes to re-wear.

However, Markle also made headlines a few months ago for her baby showers. She had two extravagant showers — one in New York City and one in London — with the first one reportedly costing $200,000. Although her friends paid for much of it, the reports detailing Markle’s private plane rides and expensive hotel suites do not exactly make her look like a relatable duchess.

How does the public feel about Meghan Markle’s spending?

Naturally, British taxpayers are not happy with Markle’s wardrobe of pricey designer clothes and her luxurious events. Some people even feel that, with Prince Harry now sixth in line to the throne, the royal family should not be using tax money to fund his and Markle’s lifestyle anymore, especially since it was also revealed that they spent nearly $3 million to renovate their new home.

“Subsidising these two is completely wrong on so many levels,” an reader commented. “It’s time a full review on their spending and subsidies is undertaken.”

Another person added: “Any expenditure that benefits the country is OK by me, but other personal expenses (including refurbs) should be paid by those members of the Royal Family, otherwise it is taking the mick.”

Is this making Meghan Markle a royal pariah?

It’s not clear whether Markle’s spending habit is making her a royal pariah or not, but there are reasons to believe that the other royal family members are not very happy about it either. Queen Elizabeth, for example, is quite frugal, so she might not have been pleased with the two costly baby showers that Markle had.

Royal expert Jennie Bond also pointed out that Markle’s Hollywood side is showing and it needs to be toned down. “I think I’d suggest she tried not to be too celebrity, because that doesn’t go down well with the public… She’s a wealthy woman but it doesn’t play very well, so I think she needs to just watch that.”

Of course, Markle’s image could change in the future if she follows in the footstep of Middleton, who shops for clothes on sale and recycles many pieces in her wardrobe.

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