Joe Biden ranted that he ‘hates the English’ but his ancestors hail from Sussex

Joe Biden has long dispelled accusations that he is “anti-British”, but a recent anecdote has landed the US President in hot water after alleging that he once said he “hates the English”.

Mr. Biden reportedly made the scathing remark in a rant during a private meeting back in the mid-to-late 2000s, according to a discussion on the Rest in Politics podcast between former Labour spin doctor Alastair Campbell and ex-Tory minister Rory Stewart.

The comment, which adds to a string of accusations that the president is “anti-British”, broadly dismisses the President’s ancestral connection to England. But, he does have one.

In fact, Joe Biden’s own father’s English heritage was joked about within his family. Joe Biden Snr. had English, Irish, and French heritage, but the former ancestry saw him mocked by the Biden family during the President’s youth.

Biden recalled his aunt telling him when he was young: “Your father’s not a bad man. He’s just English.”

The President has called his father’s Irish heritage his “saving grace”. So where does Biden’s English ancestry come from?

What English heritage does Joe Biden have?

Official records show an English immigrant by the name of William Biden first appeared in US records in 1820, listed as a resident of Maryland in a census.

William was one of many in a rapidly growing community of Americans who were lured to the States in pursuit better life, according to the documents.

William Biden’s baptism certificate was discovered by Eddy Greenfield, a local historian from Sussex after he combed through records of baptisms, marriages, and burials in Westbourne’s council’s archives.

The document stated that William was the second child of James Biden and Ann Siverlock, who had married in Westbourne in 1785.

Despite having affiliations with England, Mr. Biden has previously been accused of being in possession of a “deep hatred of the United Kingdom,” as put by a presenter on GBNews.

Mr. Stewart and Mr. Campbell recently added fuel to these claims during a discussion about President Joe Biden “playing up his Irishness” on their podcast.

Mr. Stewart suggested Biden’s “anti-Britishness” could have festered during his time serving as Obama’s Vice President.

He continued: “When we were briefing him on Iraq in the mid to late 2000s, one of my friends came in to brief him and came out completely shocked because she’d gone in to try and explains the Sunni-Shia dimension in Iraq and he, then Vice President to Obama, said: ‘I completely understand the situation. They hate each other. I’m Irish. I hate the English.’

“And that was his […] off-the-cuff normal comment back in the 2000s.”

The allegations come from “100 percent cast-iron sourcing”, assured Mr Stewart, adding: “When you tell this story to people close to Biden they laugh, he makes this sort of joke all the time.”

What does the name ‘Biden’ mean and where does it come from?

One theory as to the providence of the surname Biden is that the name comes from England, specifically Baydon, Wiltshire. It is thought to have meant “hill associated with a woman named Bēage”.

The surname has a long history in East Meon, in Hampshire, first recorded there in 1327.

But another theory is the name Anglo-Saxon name is derived from the Old French word boton, meaning button.

The word boton became “Biden” overtime when adopted in the English tongue of the time. This would mean Biden’s relatives were likely to have been button-makers.

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