Joss Stone claims 'people with depression can cure themselves'

Singer Joss Stone claims ADHD is ‘b******’ and she’s ‘tired’ of people discussing anxiety and depression – saying you have to ‘decide that’s not who you are’

  •  The singer, 33, spoke about depression and ADHD in her latest podcast
  • New episode of A Cuppa Happy sees Stone talking to wellness guru Wim ‘The Iceman’ Hoff about treatments for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
  • British songwriter said: ‘I kind of grow tired of hearing people go ‘I’ve got anxiety, I’ve got depression’ – and suggests people should ‘hug a tree’ 

British singer-songwriter Joss Stone has claimed in her podcast that ADHD is ‘b*******’ and that people suffering with depression are capable of curing themselves without medical intervention. 

Stone, 33, was speaking to wellness guru Wim ‘The Iceman’ Hoff, in the latest episode of A Cuppa Happy. 

The singer, who recorded the interview from her home in the Bahamas, admitted she ‘grows tired’ of people discussing mental health problems as the pair discussed different ways to approach conditions such as depression and anxiety. 

Stone is heard saying: ‘This makes me sound really terrible but I kind of grow tired of hearing people go “I’ve got anxiety, I’ve got depression”.

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Controversial: singer Joss Stone, 33, discusses the over-prescription of medicines for treatments such as depression and anxiety in the latest episode of her podcast A Cuppa Happy

Speaking about Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), the star added she believes drug companies like to give names to people’s feelings so they can create drugs and make ‘millions’.

The condition is a behavioural disorder that includes symptoms such as inattentiveness, hyperactivity and impulsiveness and is often diagnosed in childhood.

In the discussion about treatments that don’t involve drugs, Stone said she wants everyone to go into the woods and ‘hug a tree’ to feed their soul rather than using medicines prescribed by doctors.

Stone, who has also chatted to Boy George and Derren Brown for her podcast, is heard saying: ‘[I know] There are people that do have those [problems] in a big way and there are some people that just need a diagnosis but there are issues that are quite physical and issues that are mental.

‘If somebody is upset about something it’s probably because something upsetting has happened, its not because you have this ailment that you need to take drugs for.

‘That makes me sound incredibly insensitive but you have to decide that’s not who you are. You have to take that on as you.’

The British singer-songwriter also claimed that children diagnosed with ADHD actually just have a lot of energy.

The latest episode sees Stone discussing mental health with Wim Hoff, who teaches breathing techniques to enhance wellbeing

The singer, who recorded the latest episode of her A Cuppa Happy podcast in the Bahamas, is heard saying that children in the US are often given drugs for ADHD, when they could just ‘have energy’ because they’re children

She said: ‘Here in America, I notice they give a lot of drugs to children that are running around a lot.

‘And the kids will run around and break things and kick things so they take their kids to the doctors, and they’ll say ‘oh well he’s got ADHD’

‘It’s a lot of b*******. I just think no he has actually just got energy because he is a child.’


While it is normal to feel down from time to time, people with depression may feel persistently unhappy for weeks or months on end.

Depression can affect anyone at any age and is fairly common – approximately one in ten people are likely to experience it at some point in their life. 

Depression is a genuine health condition which people cannot just ignore or ‘snap out of it’.

Symptoms and effects vary, but can include constantly feeling upset or hopeless, or losing interest in things you used to enjoy.

It can also cause physical symptoms such as problems sleeping, tiredness, having a low appetite or sex drive, and even feeling physical pain.

In extreme cases it can lead to suicidal thoughts.

Traumatic events can trigger it, and people with a family history may be more at risk.

It is important to see a doctor if you think you or someone you know has depression, as it can be managed with lifestyle changes, therapy or medication. 

Source: NHS Choices 

She admitted she sounded like a conspiracy theorist but urged people to go into the woods and hug trees rather than going to see their doctors.

Stone continued: ‘They [the pharmaceutical companies] will say ‘everyone is upset let’s give it a name and then we can create a drug and then we can charge the world millions’.

‘It sounds like a conspiracy theory, but I do like to think that the guys who make those pills genuinely want people to feel better, I do like to think that.

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‘I don’t know how true that is, but that’s how I choose to think about those people because I like to think well about people.

‘But I do think it would be better if everybody would just go into nature and hug a tree and be happy and decide to feed your soul.’

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