Kanye West Fired An Employee For Wanting To Play Drake’s Music

Kanye West’s controversial behavior has been making headlines recently, and more former employees are speaking out about the mistreatment they experienced working under Ye.

Most recently, Rolling Stone published several first-hand accounts from previous employees who worked for Kanye. One person revealed that, while working at Ye’s Yeezy studio in Chicago in 2015, he was fired after suggesting they listen to Drake’s music.

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Kanye allegedly asked a group of staff for music recommendations but became upset the staff put Drake’s name out there.

“I thought, ‘Oh, he’s a rapper, I should probably mention some rap,’” the former employee said. “Big mistake—the next day I was fired.”

Other complaints from ex-staff say that Kanye would reprimand and even fire staff for wearing the “wrong” colors and having a strong lack of distrust in his employees.

Part of Kanye’s latest controversial behavior has been using a slew of anti-Black and antisemitic rhetoric. The rapper has lost a variety of brand deals, including his long-standing collaboration with Adidas. The company has said it’ll continue to sell Yeezy products, but without Kanye’s involvement.

After losing his Adidas partnership, Forbes reported that Kanye no longer qualifies as a billionaire.

Kanye’s comments may be surprising to the public, but it appears it’s nothing new behind closed doors, at least according to staff. Rolling Stone’s report isn’t the first time Kanye was accused of unprofessional behavior.

Earlier this month, it was revealed the Yeezy creator has paid several ex-employees undisclosed settlements over antisemitic comments.

“CNN reported last Thursday that a business executive who worked for Ye had accused him of creating a hostile work environment through an ‘obsession’ with Hitler and had received a settlement,” NBC said in a report in which it talked to several ex-employees.

The publication continued, “NBC News has not confirmed the settlement, which appears to be separate from the case of the former employee who shared settlement documents with NBC News.”

Additionally, multiple former staffers have come forward alleging similar behavior from Ye.

Ryder Ripps, who worked under Kanye from 2014 to 2015 and is Jewish, said the rapper’s comments are “dangerous and disgusting and actually violent.” He accused Kanye of repeatedly praising Hitler and the Nazis.

“With this pattern that’s happening and with the doubling and tripling down of all this, it’s pretty obvious that this is some kind of disgusting, hate-filled, strange Nazi obsession,” the ex-employee told NBC.

Kanye’s career fallout continues as people react to his controversial behavior.

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