Lady Gaga’s alleged Haus Beauty campaign photos already have fans ready to go broke

In February 2018, Lady Gaga filed a trademark under the name “Haus Beauty,” and now, fans are possibly getting a first look at the cosmetics brand behind it.

An Instagram account under the name @hausbeautynews posted a glamourous photo of Lady Gaga claiming that images from her line have officially come out.

In the photos, Gaga is wearing metallic eyeshadow and graphic eyeliner. Many people began praising how naturally beautiful the images are.

One person wrote, “I love that you can see her freckles! That’s one thing about her…she looks so natural and is so beautiful!”

More alleged campaign imagery was posted by @trendmood1, where it’s claimed that Haus Beauty will include everything from eyeliners and bronzers to body exfoliants and “beauty milks.”

One commenter said, “Love that her skin looks like actual skin!! Not super smoothed out in photoshop.”

Another followed those sentiments saying, “I love how her promo photos aren’t over-edited! You can totally see her natural facial features and her skin’s real texture!”

Gaga has not confirmed release date yet for Haus Beauty, but judging from these photos, something exciting is on the way. Lady Gaga did not respond to ABC News’ request for comment.

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