‘Magaluf waiters leave Brit with broken nose’ after pal accidentally drops glass

A holidaymaker has been left "scarred for life" after he was attacked by bar staff – over an accidentally dropped glass.

Callum Crickson has a bloody gash in his arm which cannot be stitched and needs daily medical treatment, as well as a broken nose and severe bruising.

The 20-year-old claimed he was attacked by three bouncers and three waiters in Magaluf, Majorca.

The data cable engineer from Skelmersdale, Lancashire, said he was assaulted after a friend accidentally smashed a glass.

According to his mum Claire Crickson the bar has sacked two members of staff following the incident in the early hours of Saturday.

Callum, who was due to fly back from the ten day holiday on Monday night, posted images of his injuries to Facebook on Sunday.

He wrote: "Magaluf not half showing its true colours this year.

"Attacked by three waiters [and] three bouncers and left with deep cuts and a broken nose all because of a dropped glass.

"So I tried to walk away and do the smart thing and get hit from behind and kicked while I was on the floor, slicing my arm open."

Speaking today, his care assistant mum said: "He was away for 10 nights, this ruined his and his friends' last few days.

"They have been too scared to go up near the strip so they have stayed at their hotel.

"It's a disgrace – he's a good lad, not a troublemaker in any way."

The 39-year-old said her son would be left with a big scar on his arm.

"They attacked him from behind as he was trying to walk away to avoid the confrontation," she added.

"They repeatedly kicked and punched him all over and his head as well.

"He has had to travel to the hospital everyday, even today before he leaves to have this wound cleaned and re-bandaged and something put in it to keep it clean.

"He will have to follow this up at hospital daily when he is home until the wound heals, it couldn't be stitched over.

"It's emotional stress for him as well Callum was attacked with a knife when he was 15 and he doesn't like trouble.

"He always tries to avoid it and he's a quiet, young, very respectable lad."

Callum shared screenshots of his mum speaking to the bar on Facebook.

In the series of messages a staff member believed to be the bar's manager apologised for the incident and told Claire two people involved had been sacked.

They wrote: "I would like to apologise about the behaviour of one waiter and one manager which obviously got sacked, it wasn't any of the security in the incident.

"I found out yesterday, which is the day I took the decision to sack them.

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