McDonald’s fan’s coffee drink hack involving frozen coke called ‘life-changer’

A woman has shared a mind-blowing coffee hack that she got from McDonald's and dubbed it a "game changer".

Elena Pajkovska, from Sydney, Australia, said the special drink has only three ingredients which you can order from McDonald's – a frozen coke, a shot of espresso and vanilla syrup.

She told her fans on TikTok that it would "change your life", adding: "Don’t knock it until you try it."

Elena shows her caffeine-fuelled cold drink and said: "Literally every time I got McDonald’s and make this order, the staff are like … 'really?'"

She also commented on her clip that she usually orders all the items separately and then mixes it up.

The clip, which. has been seen more than 1 million times, was taken at a store in Queensland, Australia and one viewer claimed it unfortunately is not available in the UK.

Viewers were tempted to try the drink as they wondered how it would taste like.

"Yes, it's amazing," one person stated.

“My dream, it’s a thing,” another excited TikTok user wrote.

“I used to do this all the time when I worked there!! I put it in normal coke though,” a former Macca’s employee said.

But Elena admitted that the drink might not be for everyone, with other viewers criticising the taste.

One said: "We just tried it and it's not bad but my life ain't changed."

"I tried it," another wrote. "It was really bad."

A third added: "I prefer my coffee and coke separately thank you though."

While Elena admitted that the drink might not be for everyone, she also found some like-minded viewers.

Meanwhile, one McDonald's fan has created a monstrous Big Mac pizza with eight pattie s, cheese, and even a secret sauce.

He spent no more than £10 to buy all the ingredients before assembling his creation of a pizza burger.

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