McDonald’s worker explains why milkshakes can taste of wrong flavours

A McDonald's worker has explained why the milkshakes sometimes taste of different flavours to what was ordered – with some people moaning it's "garbage".

In a clip, TikTok user Jodessy, who has a series called "secrets I know from working at McDonald's" on the video-sharing app, told viewers why the colours and flavours can mix.

A fan asked Dessy about the "red stuff" in a vanilla milkshake and she made a video in response.

In the clip, she claimed: "Why sometimes this happens is because the shake machine will pour out a little bit of the previous flavour before it pours the new flavour.

"So sometimes you'll order a vanilla shake and you'll see the bottom is a little green because it's Shamrock shake season, or maybe it's a little brown, or your chocolate shake tastes a little like strawberry.

"Strawberry shake tastes like a little chocolate? It's just leftover syrup from the drink before."

Dessy told people with allergies to some flavours should tell the McDonald's staff before ordering a milkshake.

"If you're allergic, you have to mention it before ordering a shake," she advises.

The video has been watched 92,000 times and received 14,000 "likes", with Maccies fans debating about how much it affects the milkshake flavour.

One person said: "My friend got a strawberry milkshake and half of it was chocolate."

Another person commented: "I asked for chocolate milkshake they gave me vanilla.

"I asked them and they said that was the way it was made."

One happy customer said: "Yes I got vanilla and it was basically a vanilla and chocolate swirl I wasn’t mad it tasted so good."

Daily Star has contacted McDonald's for comment.

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