Mom edits Christmas card photo to include military husband serving overseas

A mom of two found a creative way to incorporate her military husband into this year’s Christmas card, since it’s the first holiday he will spend without his family.

Danielle Cobo wanted him included the Christmas card so photographer Shannon Sturgeon digitally placed him in the shot.

“He was happy to be be part of the photos,” Cobo of Tampa, Florida, told “GMA.” “He’s having a hard time being away from [us] during the holidays.”

Cobo said her husband, a helicopter pilot, is currently overseas and will not be spending Christmas at home with her and their 2-year-old twins.

“There’s a lot of family members that are away from their spouses and kids that don’t have their parents around during the holidays because of them being in the military,” Cobo said. “It’s a sacrifice among everybody.”

Cobo is looking forward to mailing the cards to family and friends, she said.

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