Most popular baby names for 2022 as Gary and Poppy make comeback

When it comes to having a baby, one of the first challenges that all parents face is the issue of what to call their little one.

Given that a name will last a lifetime, the happy yet difficult milestone is something that you want to get just right in fear of choosing a moniker that you end up hating a few years, or months, down the line.

And while new parents may only have to declare their little one’s name six weeks after birth, a lot of couples prefer to take a more organised approach and stick with a name during the pregnancy itself.

But what happens if you just don’t know where to begin? Well, luckily the team atUK Baby Names has compiled a list of trendingbaby names to get you inspired.

While experts previously warned us that the name Gary was on the verge of extinction, the moniker is set to make a comeback and is now a trending choice.

It also appears that parents are still finding traditional names popular, with James, David, Ian and John also finding a spot on the trending list.

Meanwhile other trending choices for boys including Jack, Oliver, William, Thomas and Matthew.

But if you’re expecting a baby girl, Emma, Sarah and Olivia are all trending options.

However, if you want something that’salready proven popular,Bella Baby used statistics from UK Baby Names to compile a separate list of the top 100 baby names for boys and girls in 2022.

Topping the boy’s list, the traditional names again prove their popularity, with Oliver, George and Arthur taking the top three.

Elsewhere, the list features more quirky names including Arlo, Jaxon, Reggie and Hunter. Liam, Sonny, Elliot and Chester have proved popular, too.

When it comes to girls, Olivia, Amelia and Isla take the top three most popular spots, with Ava and Mia rounding off the top five.

Elsewhere in the list are a series of nature-inspired monikers, including Rose, Poppy, Willow, Lily and Holly.

If you’re looking for something more unusual, why not go for Luna, Aria, Olive or Maeve?

And if you’re someone who wants to ensure that your little one’s choice of name is loved as much by others as it is by you,it turns out that there’s quite a few options to avoid.

According to Bella Baby, Kobe, Jeffrey and Nigel are all unpopular choices for boys. Similarly, Ashton, Graham and Stuart aren’t that popular either.

Likewise, Angela and Kimberly are unpopular for girls, as is Alexa, presumably because of the infamous Amazon device.


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