Mum berated over baby name as some say it sounds like head lice treatment

When a mum asked for “honest” baby name advice, people really didn’t hold back.

The woman took to Reddit to ask for opinions on the monikers she’d picked out for her newborn daughter.

While she’d settled on Athena, she wasn’t entirely convinced on the middle name.

She wrote: "Is Athena Nyx too much? Be honest. I'm trying to decide on a middle name. I know I want a one syllable name and it’s between a few choices but this combination is my favourite.

"I’m just wondering if the double goddess name is too much. I do love the meaning and the name.

"I think it just goes great together, but I feel like anyone who hears the name will think it’s a bit weird and I’m really into mythology when I’m actually not."

Redditors weren’t concerned by the “double mythology” aspect of the name.

They were more worried about the middle moniker, which evoked thoughts of nits for some.

One commenter said: "I'm not loving it. I don't like the name Nyx. Nix is a lice treatment and that's all I think of, plus I don't think Nyx sounds attractive at all."

Another agreed: "Nix is a lice treatment, that's the first association I have, sorry."

And a third pointed out another negative image, remarking: "Sounds like a brand of some kind of feminine hygiene products."

Thankfully, the mum wasn’t totally berated.

Some gushed over her baby name choices and urged her to go with her heart.

One Redditor commented: "I love it, but I’m a nerd."

And another said: "Meanings aside, it does sound really nice in my opinion. It has a nice flow."

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