My girlfriend’s family wants us to split us up because of the age gap

DEAR DEIDRE: MY girlfriend’s family is doing everything they can to split us up because they don’t approve of the age gap.

I’m a divorced man of 45 and the woman I love is 24. I run a gym and she is one of my clients.

I started to help her train for a triathlon, getting her core strength up.

I invited her out for a drink after one gym session and then I took her for dinner.

We had sex on our fifth date and then we became official.

Her family don’t like me because they think I’m using her.

But I love her and I want us to have a future together.

Her family are putting her under pressure to end it and it’s affecting her mental health.

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DEIDRE SAYS: Many couples have happy relationships despite a big age gap but it’s important to realise that you are at very different life stages.

She may want to settle down and perhaps have children, and if you already have children, this may not be on your agenda.

She’s an adult so she can make up her own mind but she can find understanding support on how best to tackle her family through The Mix (, 0808 808 4994), who help any person under 25 with any concerns.

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