My husband and I have not had sex for years and it’s making me feel lonely and unloved – The Sun

DEAR DEIDRE: MY husband and I have not had sex for years and it is really getting me down.

I am 48, he is 49 and we have a great life together. But we hardly share even a kiss any more.

I can’t remember when we last got really sexual.

I know he loves me but I feel so unloved.

Many times I’ve explained to him how I feel but he tries to imply it’s my fault.

I feel so lonely and sad as we go through our later years with so little affection and it makes the future look bleak.

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DEIDRE SAYS: My guess would be he has lost his sex drive, or run into erection problems, and feels too distressed and depressed to admit it to you.

Men often feel a total failure if they cannot perform sexually.

Tell him you love him and miss his loving.

Suggest a health check with his GP as he could have an underlying health problem, and share my e-leaflet on Reviving A Man’s Sex Drive with him.

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