Passionfruit Jaffa Cakes are now a thing, but could they be better than the original?

Welcome to a round-up of all the most delicious sugary snacks newly launched. Expect unique flavour combinations and never-before-tried concoctions. You’re welcome!

January is a tough month, so why make it any tougher? Instead of subscribing to the diet narratives that this time of year is so known for, we’ll be staying true to form and embrace eating whatever we want, whenever we want– especially when there are so many delicious treats coming out. 

As an ode to all of the innovative sugary creations coming our way, from chocolates and biscuits to sweets and hot chocolates, we’re detailing the best new launches that you need to keep your cupboards stocked with. 

So, scroll down to find out what weird and wonderful sweet creations are on offer, whether they be limited edition snacks to snaffle or soon-to-be long-standing favourites.

  • Jaffa Cake passionfruit

    The very word jaffa means orange, so it feels slightly blasphemous that McVitie’s have re-spun this firm favourite with a passionfruit filling. 

    But, they have. So, we might as well give it a try, right? Here’s what to expect: the same ol’ spongey base and film of dark chocolate to finish, but inside there’s now a layer of zingy passionfruit-flavoured filling.

    What’s more, they’ve also released a ‘cheeky’ cherry flavour in unison with the new passionfruit offering, which also sounds rather intriguing. 

    Jaffa Cakes Passionfruit and Cherry can be bought in all major supermarkets (not available online currently), RRP £1.20

Images: Getty / McVitie’s

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