Playboy model looks for another ‘bold’ bunny to join her on OnlyFans

A Playboy model is looking for a bunny to begin a virtual relationship with on OnlyFans.

Nathali Pereira has been searching the internet for a bisexual Playmate.

The babe detailed some of the characteristics she'd like her virtual partner to already have.

She said: "She needs to be bold. I will also evaluate the photoshoot she did for Playboy and choose the best one."

Before the model made the unusual proposal, she worried about losing followers on the adults-only subscription platform.

Nathali added: "I was very afraid of prejudice or of losing followers or subscribers on my platform. But I gained a lot more. I'm impressed."

The model explained the idea came after many fans asked for pictures of her dressed as a bunny.

She revealed: "I received a lot of requests, they wanted more pictures of me as a bunny than what was published in Playboy."

Nathali continued: "So I will perform at their desire in pairs."

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Back in September, the model revealed how she makes her boyfriend wear gloves and a mask during sex to protect from Covid-19.

During the coronavirus pandemic, the beauty believes it's important to take "extra precautions beyonds condoms".

She's followed the advice of Harvard doctors who have recommended wearing the protective gear before getting frisky.

Speaking previously, the former Miss BumBum contestant said: "I feel much more protected. It's either wearing gloves or nothing.

"Today protection with gloves and masks is an extra precaution beyond condoms."

At first, Nathali's boyfriend found it unusual to have sex in masks but now the couple are used to it.

She added: "We can't help but protect ourselves."

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