Prince Charles and William Reportedly Expect the Sussexes to 'Bash the Crown' in the Future

Prince Harry and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex are recovering from two busy weeks of making headlines almost daily. The high-profile couple became hot topics once again after their bombshell interview with Oprah Winfrey aired on March 7th and immediately caused a stir. Not only did Prince Harry and his wife open up about their heartbreaking experience as senior royals, but they also leveled accusations of racism within the royal family. In recent days, reports have surfaced regarding Prince Harry’s current relationship with his father and brother — and why Prince Charles expects his son to speak out again in the future. 

What did Prince Harry say about his family in his interview with Oprah Winfrey?

Prince Harry and Meghan shocked fans all over the world with some of the things that they revealed in their interview with Oprah. Specifically, Prince Harry’s remarks about the royal family caused many alarm bells to sound. The royal revealed that the reason he and Meghan stepped away from the royal family was that they didn’t receive enough “support and understanding” from members of Prince Harry’s own family.

Additionally, Prince Harry opened up about the state of the royal family, including Prince Charles and Prince William, in the most revealing interview about the family in years: “My father and brother, they are trapped. They don’t get to leave.”

Most damning of all were the accusations of racism that Prince Harry and Meghan talked about, claiming that a member of Prince Harry’s family had “concerns and conversations” with the couple about the color of their son’s skin and how that would be handled within the royal institution. 

What is Prince Harry’s relationship like with his father and brother now?

In the wake of the interview, many reports have been leaked about the state of Prince Harry’s relationship with his brother, Prince William, and his father, Prince Charles. According to a recent report from Cosmopolitan, “William and Harry are as far apart as it’s possible to be—emotionally and physically. Their relationship is at rock bottom. William’s raging with Harry after the Oprah interview.”

Unsurprisingly, the source claims that Prince William is furious about what Prince Harry said in the interview and that it will take “a lot of work” to repair the brothers’ fractured relationship.

It isn’t just Prince William who is angry with Prince Harry’s claims about the royal family, however. According to a new report from Us Weekly, Prince Charles is bracing himself for more interviews from his youngest son. 

Prince Charles reportedly expects Prince Harry to continue to speak out

In the Us Weekly report, sources close to the royal family claim that Prince Charles wholeheartedly disagrees with how his son represented the royal family in the Oprah Winfrey interview.

“Charles thinks these matters could have easily been addressed in private,” the source stated.

Furthermore, the source states that both Prince Charles and Prince William are fully expecting Prince Harry to talk more about the royal family and the inner workings of the monarchy in future months. The source says the two senior royals both “feel that this is the first of many interviews coming in the future that will bash the crown and the Royals way of life.”

Ultimately, nothing is off the table, as Prince Harry and Meghan pursue their new way of life in California — including, potentially, more explosive interviews.

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