Prince Philip Had To Give Up On His Dream Career To Marry Queen Elizabeth

Marriage is all about sacrifice, and the longer you’ve beenmarried, the more you need to give up. When you also happen to be a royalfamily spouse? Those sacrifices increase by tenfold.

It’s not all glitz and glamour being married to a member of the British royal family. Sure, there are glittering parties and fancy hats. But being married to a royal means giving up any semblance of privacy. And if you’re Prince Philip, it means setting aside your own dreams so your wife can fulfill her destiny.

He’s the husband of Queen Elizabeth, the longest reigningmonarch in British history. But Prince Philip hasa reputation for being blunt, stern, and even downrightrude. Is it because he’s still bitter over sacrificing the life he wantedfor the love of his life?

Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth married young

The couple met when QueenElizabeth was just 8 years old, but no one could have guessed that thispair of distant cousins would eventually celebrate 70 years of marriage.

They grew up a bit and when both were young adults, theybegan exchanging letters while Philip Mountbatten was enrolled in the RoyalNaval College. Queen Elizabeth was besotted with the handsome young Philip andit’s clear the feeling was mutual. In 1946, Philip went to Elizabeth’s fatherto request her hand in marriage.

King George VI reluctantly agreed to the marriage but madethe amorous couple wait until Elizabeth’s 21st birthday to announce theirengagement. They wed on November 20, 1947.

Prince Philip almost had a totally different life

They’ve been married for so long that it’s hard to remembera time before they were wed. But prior to becoming Queen Elizabeth’s husband,Prince Philip had a promising career of his own—a career he had to give up if hewanted to become the Duke of Edinburgh.

When Prince Philip wed Queen Elizabeth in 1947, he was atthe prime of his military career. If he hadn’t chosen to marry her, his lifewould have gone in an entirely different direction. “Philip’s role as Consort is far from the role he would ideally havechosen, in the navy he would probably have risen high had not the King’sfailing health forced him to terminate a promising career,” royalanalyst Richard Fitzwilliams explained.

It probably wasn’t easy leavingbehind his own dreams and goals to take a backseat to his wife forever. Butthat’s exactly what someone in love would do. Royal duties became toocumbersome to balance while doing something else. Like it or not, Prince Philipbecame fully royal and nothing else after marrying Queen Elizabeth.

Their marriage has survived manytrials

No marriage is perfect, but it’sclear that Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip have found a way to makethings work. They currently maintain separate residences, but that’s whatworks for them and they still spend plenty of time together. After more than 70years, it’s all about compromise.

Prince Philip retired from royalduties in 2017 at the age of 96. Does he regret the life he never had as anaval star? Maybe a little. However, it’s all worth it considering all he gotin exchange for that sacrifice.

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