Queen Elizabeth 'Isolated' Princess Diana, Does Not Want To Do The Same To Meghan Markle

Even though she was the most famous royal on the planet for more than a decade, Princess Diana never felt like she was a part of the royal family. And after she divorced Prince Charles, Queen Elizabeth “isolated” the People’s Princess even more. However, British journalist Duncan Larcombe says that the monarch has learned from the past, and she has welcomed Meghan Markle to the family with open arms.

A“slightly unusual effort”

Larcombe – who has been the royal editor for The Sun for ten years – says that Queen Elizabeth and the Duchess of Sussex have a close relationship compared to other people who have married into the royal family.

Just a few short weeks after the former Suits actress married Prince Harry,Queen Elizabeth invited Markle out for a joint engagement in Cheshire to openthe Mersey Gateway Bridge. The two ladies took a trip together on the royaltrain (something Kate Middleton and Prince Harry have reportedly never done),and Markle appeared to be very comfortable spending time with her husband’sgrandmother.

A solo engagement with Queen Elizabeth was something that Kate Middleton didn’t get to do until about eight years after she married Prince William, and Larcombe says the Queen has “made a particular and slightly unusual effort” to welcome Markle into the family. And, that’s something she didn’t do for Middleton or Princess Diana.

Queen Elizabeth changes her ways

According to Fox News,Queen Elizabeth invited Meghan Markle to private family events before she was aroyal, and she also received a “great honor” this summer when the monarchinvited Markle to  Balmoral Castle inScotland to celebrate her 38th birthday.

“I’ve been quite impressed by how muchresponsibility the queen has given Meghan,” said royal expert Katie Nicholl.“The queen likes Meghan. She recognizes how happy Meghan makes Harry, but shealso sees how capable Meghan is as a royal. She showed them how much shethought of Meghan in the early days before they were actually married when sheinvited Meghan to be a part of the Commonwealth Day service. Quite an importantevent in the royal calendar and there was Meghan before she was actuallymarried into the royal family.”

Breakingroyal protocol

Queen Elizabeth and Princess Diana never had aclose relationship, and her private secretary Patrick Jephson even revealedbefore Diana’s death that she never felt like she had the royal family’ssupport. The situation got even worse after she and Prince Charles separated.

One of the reasons the two ladies struggled toget along was that Diana often challenged the monarchy and broke royalprotocol, which is something that Meghan Markle is also doing in her own way.

However, this time around, Queen Elizabeth hasa much different approach toward the rebel in the family. She has welcomedMarkle by inviting her to numerous events, and there was no gradualintroduction to the family like there was with Kate Middleton. Instead, Markle“burst onto the scene,” says Larcombe, and now Queen Elizabeth and MeghanMarkle have a special bond.

Adeliberate move

Larcombe says that Queen Elizabeth has“obviously requested” for Markle to join her for public appearances on numerousoccasions, and it was probably a deliberate move on the part of the Queen. Heexplains that the 93-year-old wanted to signal to everyone that she waswelcoming Markle into the royal family, something she never did with PrincessDiana or Kate Middleton.

It appears that Queen Elizabeth learned a lotfrom her complicated relationship with Princess Diana. She’s accepting thatMarkle is a bit of a rebel who doesn’t always follow royal tradition, and thereis no isolation this time around.

Instead of distancing herself from Markle,Queen Elizabeth is leaning into the relationship, and that means the Americanactress will never be an outsider like her late mother-in-law.

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