Revealed: the wealthy teenagers who spend up to £1K on a prom

The quest for prom perfection: How parents are spending thousands on designer dresses, flash cars and HELICOPTERS as the US tradition sparks a ‘frenzy’ among British teens

  • Parents asked to shell out on dresses, manicures and even helicopter flights
  • Arriving by helicopter costs around £2,000 plus VAT for six passengers
  • One prom shop in Essex said it feels ‘far more frenzied’ than weddings 
  • British teenagers have been sharing their lavish prom snaps on social media  

While the end of school used to be marked with a low-key leavers’ disco, teenagers across the country are now making ‘frenzied’ preparations for the biggest night of the year – the prom. 

What used to be a mostly American tradition has been firmly adopted in the UK, and parents now face forking out thousands to help children celebrate the end of their school career.  

The cost of looking good in a designer gown with all the necessary beauty treatments is just part of it, with attendees now going to ever more outlandish lengths to stand out – including arriving by helicopter. 

One prom shop in Essex suggested that prom customers are ‘far more frenzied’ than brides, telling The Times: ‘A bride doesn’t have competition, does she? But prom girls are in competition with the other girls.’ 

A group of teenagers in York arrived at prom in style as they hired Aston Martin sports cars for their entrance 

Teenagers are splashing out hundreds on finding their dream prom dress and looking to some of their favourite Disney princesses, like Cinderella, for inspiration like this girl from Glasgow 

A trio of young girls in Essex don stunning coordinated sequin dresses as they head to their Leavers Ball 

Many teens look to wedding suppliers to help create their perfect prom night, including this group from Lincolnshire 

And it’s not just girls! Young men with a sense of humour arrive in style at their prom in Oldham, Manchester, packed inside an ice cream van

One teenage couple step out of a helicopter as they arrive at their prom night in Haynes, Somerset 

And one teenager agreed, that the event is like a ‘wedding’, and that there’s pressure to look perfect and secure the services of the best make-up artist and the ideal dress.  

Elaine Bull, 58, from Ivy Blu bridal and prom shop in Essex, suggested the cost of the ‘leaver’s ball’ had doubled since she started selling dresses in 2009. 

In fact, many bridal shops also now sell prom outfits, which often cost between £300 and £1,000.

Parents can spend on average £1,100 on making prom night special, including splashing out up to £700 on a dress, over £200 on manicures, tans and waxing as well as £80 on accessories. 

Two teenage girls in Essex went all-out for their prom night, arriving in a hatchback sports car having glammed up with a spray tan, makeover and styled hair 

One teenager in Glasgow completed her stunning prom look with a trendy balloon and even a tiara 

Getting ready for prom is a serious affair! Some girls in Essex visit a bridal shop in order to get their hair and makeup done 

That doesn’t include the cost of a stretch limo, sports car or helicopte, which can cost around £2,000 plus VAT for six passengers, to help the teenagers make a flashy entrance to the event.  

And while some teenagers are content to pose with special ‘prom balloons’, others prefer an A-list approved flower wall to provide the ideal backdrop for their perfect prom photos. 

Many teenage girls share their lavish looks on social media afterward, tagging their luxurious posts with #promnight #prom2k19 and #promnight to help them achieve the most likes.  

One teenager from Swansea looks stunning as she goes all out with bronze tan, glittering nails and gorgeous makeup

That’s what you call a grand entrance! One teenager arrived at this high school prom in Yorkshire with the help of a huge tractor 

It’s all about the entrance! Another girl from Swansea beams in a beautiful red gown as she heads to her prom night 

A perfect princess look! One teenager, from Swansea, poses for pictures in her elegant grey prom dress 

This motor cycle driver in Leicestershire helps two teenage boys make a grand entrance to their prom night 


Lady in red: One teenager clutched a glass of champagne as she posed outside the sports car that would whisk her off to prom 

Angelic in white! One teen in Essex stunned in an all white outfit from a bridal shop for her Leavers Ball 

Another teenager from Hull posed against his hire car for pictures as he relaxed on his prom night 

Feeling blue? Two friends pose in their coordinated gowns from a bridal shop in Bristol, ahead of their prom night 

What a way to make an entrance! One couple in Essex pose against a grey sports car as they prepare for their prom night 

A group of Scottish teenagers from Dumfries strike a pose in their hired stretched hummer style car 

Another teenager in Essex set up a backdrop in her garden to snap the perfect prom photos for a night to remember 


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