Rick Astley's 'Never Gonna Give You Up' Video Gets Remastered and Fans Are 'So Uncomfortable'

“My new fear is 60 fps 4k resolution Rick Astley.”

Rick Astley’s insanely popular “Never Gonna Give You Up” music video got a remaster and, well, some fans want to give it up.

The 1987 short was upgraded to 60-fps (from 24-fps) and 4K (from 1080p) by Youtube user Revideo, bringing the former hazy look to an ultra-crisp one where every detail is shockingly realistic.

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Though the new video was uploaded a few weeks ago, it began making the rounds on social media on Thursday and quickly had followers feeling some sort of way.

“4K Rick Astley is crisper than McDonalds Sprite. IT LOOKS SO GOOD!!!” shared a Twitter user, as another wrote, “4K Rick Astley looking like a David Lynch film.”

Most, however, found the video’s glow-up a bit off-putting.

“Why does this make me feel uncomfortable,” said a follower, as another posted, “Somebody remastered the Rick Astley video in 60 fps 4k and I am deeply, deeply upset.”

Keep reading for the hysterical reactions, below.

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