Sacha tries to help Essie as Cameron's villainy continues in Holby City

John Barrowman made a guest appearance in tonight’s Holby City as top surgeon Drew Nicholson-Heath. It soon became clear that he and Ange (Dawn Steele) had history. ‘What are you doing here, Drew?’ she asked him. ‘Slumming it, I guess,’ was his reply.

What he was really doing at Holby was a bit of surgery and a bit of head-hunting – his nickname in surgical circles being ‘The Poacher.’ He had a reputation for spotting brilliant doctors and luring them to lucrative positions in Dubai. Cameron (Nic Jackman), who likes to think of himself as a brilliant surgeon, wasted no time in introducing himself. ‘You’re the son of the famous Bernie Wolfe,’ said Drew and Cameron immediately looked deflated because he can’t shake off that ‘Son Of’ title no matter how hard he tries. Drew sympathised. ‘Famous mother aside, you are better than they think you are,’ he said. ‘It’s a tough gig for a privileged young white man.’ Was he being sarcastic? Most likely, but Cameron agreed with him anyway.

When Cameron and Nicky (Belinda Owusu) both reached different conclusions when diagnosing patient Geoff (Gwynfor Jones), Ange agreed with Nicky. Cam had a go at Nicky for making him look bad. In theatre, they discovered that Nicky was right and Drew raved about how good she is. Humiliatingly for Cameron, after Nicky got to do the fancy work and get the credit in theatre, he was left to do the aftercare.

We’ve seen examples of Cameron’s ‘aftercare’ before and he was at it again, unpicking the stitches that were holding in a drain tube and telling Ange it had come loose because Nicky hadn’t stitched it properly. Cameron then gave Nicky £20,000 to pay off her debts and ‘just be free of pressure.’ He wasn’t being nice, he was ensuring that Nicky feels in his debt (even though he insisted the money was a gift rather than a loan), further undermining her confidence.

Drew Nicholson-Heath wasn’t fooled by Cameron. He offered Nicky a job in Dubai but she turned it down, thinking she’d messed up in theatre. Drew told Cameron that the drain had looked fine to him. ‘What about me?’ Cameron asked him, sure that now Nicky was out of the picture the Dubai gig was in the bag. ‘That’s not for you, Wolfe boy,’ said Drew. Cameron’s mature response was to get a pair of scissors and put a huge scratch down the side of Drew’s fancy car.

Elsewhere, Sacha (Bob Barrett) couldn’t cope with the idea that Essie (Kaye Wragg) was cancelling her gym membership and generally putting her life in order because there isn’t much of it left. An important thing she had to do was to tell Isla’s mother Frankie (Sophie Harkness) about her prognosis and make sure Isla was safely back in her mother’s care.

This was a step too far for Sacha, who was kind of hoping that Frankie was still on drugs so Essie would have to keep Isla. When that proved not to be the case, he begged Frankie to tell Essie she wasn’t yet ready to have the baby back. Frankie didn’t want to do that as that would make Essie think she was still unreliable, but Sacha was very persuasive. He wanted Essie to have a reason to keep going.

Essie was not thrilled when she heard the news. As much as she loves Isla, looking after her was exhausting. Dominic (David Ames) was very clear-eyed about what Sacha was doing, and told him he was being selfish and putting his own needs before Essie’s. ‘I know selfish,’ Dom said. ‘I majored in selfish, and everything you’re doing is about you, no one else.’

Kian (Ramin Karimloo) tried to impress Jac (Rosie Marcel) by looking after Emma (Darcey Burke) for the day. To be fair he does seem very good with children. But he’s still taking those pills and even ordered in another supply – and also did a bit of surgery while under the influence. It can’t end well.

And when a reluctant bride on her hen night, Sheena (Rachel Lumberg), took a shine to Ric Griffin (Hugh Quarshie) in a rather sweet storyline, he decided to oblige her with a dance. While they were dancing he stumbled and fell, hurting his head. He seemed fine, but given his recent history Max (Jo Martin) wanted to do a scan. And it’s not good news – he has a problem in his brain that, without surgery, could be fatal. ‘You’re already on borrowed time,’ she warned him, leaving us fearing for the future of yet another Holby staff member.

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