Sainsbury's accused of cruelty after customer spots anti-bird netting

Sainsbury’s accused of ‘horrific’ cruelty after pest control netting traps and KILLS birds at a London store – as animal rights campaigner claims they ‘will have suffered an agonising death’

  •  Video appears to capture photos of birds who died after being unable to escape the anti-bird netting in a branch of Sainsburys 
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An animal rights campaigner has accused Sainsburys of ‘horrific’ cruelty after spotting dead birds trapped in netting installed at a branch of the supermarket chain.  

London-based animal rights campaigner, @SafferTheGaffer, filmed the pest control netting that had apparently been placed to prevent birds nesting in the rafters of the store’s car park in Sutton. 

She accused the supermarket chain of ‘the worst case of cruelty I’ve seen in a LONG time’, saying those who installed hadn’t checked properly that there were no nests in the ceiling area. 

Revealing she’d reported the incident to the Metropolitan Police, she can be heard on the film saying: ‘An absolute massacre, this is wildlife crime 101. You see how open this is? They will have seen the nest and penned them in anyway.’

Another video, posted by @galvinhistory, showed a bird still alive but trapped behind the netting at the same site. 

Tweeting the video, @SafferTheGaffer said she thought the birds ‘could have suffered an agonising death.’

Others expressed their shock at the apparent unnecessary deaths of the birds. 

One wrote: ‘I don’t understand how anyone could allow this to happen, people surely would’ve heard their cries to get out. 

‘Cruelty of the worst kind, just imagine what those fledglings went through in their last moments.’

The shocking images of the deceased birds caught in the netting at the Sainsbury’s store in Sutton. The pest control netting had trapped young birds who’d nested in the car park rafters

London-based animal rights campaigner, @SafferTheGaffer slammed the supermarket for ‘cruelty’; a spokesperson for Sainsbury’s told MailOnline ‘We’re very sorry that the pest control measure in the car park of our Sutton store accidentally resulted in this happening

Another video showed a pigeon still alive and trapped above the netting, with limited room to move

The exterior of the car park where the anti-bird netting was placed at the time of filming

MailOnline contacted Sainsbury’s for comment.

A spokesperson said: ‘We’re very sorry that the pest control measure in the car park of our Sutton store accidentally resulted in this happening. 

‘We reacted as quickly as possible when we became aware of this and are working with our supplier to ensure it does not happen again.’ 

Anti-bird netting is usually installed just below ceiling height to stop birds nesting.

The RSPB said problems can arise when netting isn’t correctly installed ‘resulting in birds and other wildlife getting tangled in netting or entering via gaps and becoming trapped.’

The society advises: ‘If you see any live birds trapped in or behind the netting, please alert the owner of the netting or building.’ 

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