Student takes mattress to early lecture as they wanted to stay in bed

Getting up at the crack of dawn for an early start is not the most enjoyable thing for some.

Continuously pressing snooze and putting off rolling out of bed is a routine for many in the morning.

And this one student seemed to not feel any different.

Faced with a 9am lecture, the student seemingly did not want to get out of the comfort of their bed – and we completely get it.

But instead of staying in bed – the student took the bed with her.

Well, her mattress and her duvet.

Student Magda filmed her mate wheeling her mattress in a trolley through the university and now the gaffe has gone viral.

Taking to TikTok under the username @kapciaks, Magda posted the hilarious moment for all to see.

Magda captioned the video: “She said f*** it, I'm still sleeping.”

Adding text to the clip, the student explained: “When you have a 9am but still want to stay in bed.”

Donning a white dressing gown, some sliders and a pair of sunglasses, Magda’s mate wheeled her bedding and mattress through the university building.

When her mate reached the lecture hall, she made herself right at home.

Hilariously, the sleepy student placed her mattress on the desk and tucked herself into bed.

Armed with a couple of pillows and a grey duvet, the student looked ready for a good night's sleep rather than ready to listen to her professor.

Then in the next clip, the students’ fellow course mates filtered into the hall looking puzzled at the lecture hall turned bedroom.

Beaming with confidence, Magda’s mate threw a peace sign with her fingers laying in on the mattress among text books.

Since being posted less than 24 hours ago, the video has racked up 474,000 views and 71,000 likes.

Having been tickled by the hilarious moment, many people fled to the comments to share their thoughts on the sleep student's antics.

One person commented: “The commitment to turn up before everyone else too.”

Another user added: “Iconic.”

While a third person said: “This is a whole vibe I love it.”

Someone else remarked: “If this isn’t me when I work from home.”

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