‘The Bachelorette’s Mike Reveals If He’d Date Demi Lovato After She Admits To Crushing On Him

Demi Lovato revealed on Instagram that she’s crushing on Mike Johnson from ‘The Bachelorette,’ and we caught up with him EXCLUSIVELY to find out how he feels about it!

Before Mike Johnson was eliminated on season 15 of The BacheloretteDemi Lovato admitted that he was her favorite on the show while live-Instagramming an episode — and he is SO here for it. “Hell yeah I would go on a date with Demi Lovato!” Mike told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY at the taping of Men Tell All. “She is freaking sexy as can be. I don’t know her personality, so I’d have to get to know her, but I would entertain a conversation…” Do you hear that Demi!? We are definitely shipping these two.

However, Mike was a fan-favorite all season long, and fans have been pushing for him to be the next star of The Bachelor since Hannah Brown sent him home. Of course, we had to ask him about that, too. “I am grateful that fans want me to be the Bachelor, but I honestly don’t think about it much,” Mike admitted. “I really really don’t! If I do end up having conversations with people about it, I would truly want to make sure that we are all on the same page. I would be the first veteran that would be the Bachelor and I would want to make sure that the ladies are there for the right reasons.”

We’ll get to hear more from Mike when The Bachelorette: Men Tell All special airs on July 22. Then, the season will conclude with a two-part finale and live After the Final Rose on July 29 and July 30.

Three men — Peter Weber, Jed Wyatt and Tyler Cameron — are left vying for Hannah’s heart on the show. It’s been a season of ups and downs, and previews show Hannah looking distraught as she tries to make her final decisions. We’ll have to wait and see how it all plays out!

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