The David Blaine Way: How David Blaine Earns And Spends His $40 Million Fortune

David Blaine was only four years old when he first witnessed a magician’s performance on the New York subway. It sparked an interest in him that would eventually become a career. After graduating high school, Blaine traveled across the country in Dallas and San Francisco, where he entertained pedestrians with his magic tricks. It wasn’t until his Buried Alive stunt in 1999 that Blaine gained recognition across America. Over the years, he has performed many dangerous stunts that have been life-threatening but a rewarding experience for him. Along with performing shows, he has also organized shows for celebrities and former presidents who were astonished by his tricks.

Due to his talent on screen and being a seasoned endurance artist, David Blaine has amassed a $40 million fortune over the years. A mysterious yet talented illusionist, let’s take a look at how David Blaine earns and spends his net worth.

8 Earns: Live Tours And Collectibles

While David Blaine always wanted to perform magic for everyone, his biggest dream was to have a live tour. He achieved his goal in 2014 when he embarked on a live tour to perform death-defying stunts around the world. In 2017, he went on a North America tour and performed his stunts in 40 cities with an interactive experience, as David Blaine’s Website reported. He earned from his tours and sold posters, collectibles, and apparel online from his tours and television specials which were an instant hit.

7 Spends: Real Estate

David Blaine has two apartments in New York City, a 1,000 sq. ft. apartment worth $2.3 million that he purchased in 1998 and a duplex apartment he purchased in 2005 for $1.675 million. He had listed his $2.3 million NYC apartment for sale; however, it has remained unsold to date. According to Variety, the home features two bedrooms and one bathroom furnished with high-gloss onyx floors. It has a lavish living room with a wood-burning fireplace and a smart galley kitchen.

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6 Earns: Television Specials

David Blaine gained media attention when he began performing tricks for random people in the streets in his television show David Blaine: Street Magic. He also had a follow-up show called Magic Man, where he traveled across the US to perform the stunts. One of his most famous television shows is David Blaine: Drowned Alive, which garnered a lot of attention in 2006 as he performed a death-defying stunt by holding his breath under the water for 17 minutes and 4 seconds. More recently, he hosted a star-studded show called David Blaine: Real Or Magic, where he performed magic on celebrities like Kanye West, Will Smith, and Margot Robbie.

5 Spends: Automobiles

A lover of speed, he owns bikes and is most notably spotted riding his BMW R 1200 GS. Known as the first dual-sport segment bike, it is available in four different shades, and Blaine owns it in a black storm metallic color scheme. It has a twin-cylinder box engine that produces a powerful 125 HP and comes with Rain and Road riding modes for a smooth experience in any weather or terrain.

4 Earns: Corporate Events

While most of his stunts performed are through television specials, the celebrity illusionist also performs at private corporate events if booked. As mentioned by Las Vegas Talent, the agency helps book the celebrity for tradeshows and corporate events like Galas for a base price of $350,000, which may rise to $612,500. Along with the booking fee, there are additional charges for David Blaine to perform his illusions.

3 Spends: Vacation

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Being a famous magician, David Blaine is known to have a lot of celebrity friends, including Leonardo DiCaprio and Madonna. While he usually vacations in places he is known to perform stunts, in 2017, Blaine took a vacation for leisure when he went on a trip to Gstaad, Switzerland, with Madonna and her son Rocco on a family trip. Being a supportive friend, Blaine was helping the singer mend her relationship with her son.

2 Earns: Published Author

With the mystery surrounding David Blaine’s world of magic, he decided to become a published author after his famed stunts of being buried alive for seven days and seven nights and living as an ice cube in Times Square in New York City. In October 2002, he published his writing titled Mysterious Stranger: A Book About Magic, where he gave an insight into magic and his life and gave the readers a chance to win a $100,000 reward by putting clues inside the book. The book had a retail price of $6.94 for paperback and $24.68 for a hardcover.

1 Spends: Charity

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A kind-hearted philanthropist, Blaine is known to perform stunts for entertainment and raise money for important causes. In 2006, he performed a stunt in New York to support the Salvation Army, a community that provided him with clothes when he was young and gave a $500 voucher to 100 children and their families, as stated by Standard.

From getting inspired by watching a magician to becoming an inspiration himself, David Blaine has become a well-known name in public and Hollywood for his mind-boggling stunts that have shocked people everywhere. More recently, he was seen with Carl Skenes Jr., trying to catch a bullet in real-time.

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