The Peel & Reveal Lip Stain that sold out EIGHT times is back in stock

This £28 Peel & Reveal Lip Stain Kit that’s racked up over 200 MILLION TikTok views is back in stock – but not for long


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The UK’s recent heatwave has caused us all to re-think our makeup routines, forcing us to reach for products that won’t fade or feather by mid-day. 

A peel-off lip stain that is being hailed as waterproof, transfer-proof and life-proof with all-day staying power is being snapped up by thousands of shoppers looking for semi-permanent makeup results. 

After sell-out success in America (selling out eight times in 2021), the £28 Wonderskin Peel & Reveal Lip Stain Kit is back in stock – and it could be exactly what your makeup bag needs this summer.  

Looking for touch-up-free colour this summer?

The sell-out Wonderskin Peel & Reveal Lip Stain delivers the colour pay-off of a lipstick and staying power of a stain to deliver hours of wear. 

The two-step application process involves  applying a gloss, then a setting spray and peeling off your lips for rich, all-day colour.

The alcohol-free, moisturizing formula leaves lips soft and hydrated for hours. 


Peel & Reveal: After the Wonder Blading first coat dries and the sealant seals it in place, you can peel off the top layer to reveal a deep colour that lasts all day

Wonder Blading by Wonderskin is the two-step lip colour that is taking the beauty world by storm.

A social media sensation, it’s amassed over 200 million TikTok views and has quickly bagged thousands of five-star reviews on Amazon US, with shoppers hailing it ‘a total game changer’.

The bestselling multi-step lip kit involves applying a gloss and then a setting spray before peeling off your lips for rich, all-day colour. And it’s so impressive shoppers are shunning lipstick for good. 

Beauty fans are obsessed with the unique application of the must-have lip product, in which you paint on step one like a gloss, spray and then peel off when dry. 

The Wonder Blading Peel & Reveal Lip Stain Kit aims to deliver the maximum colour payoff of a lipstick with the all-day staying power of a stain.

The patented Liquid Blading technology infuses colourants and pigments into the top layer of lips, then seals them in so they don’t fade or budge – and thousands of users agree that it stays on for hours, zero maintenance required. 

Non-sticky and non-drying (the alcohol-free formula hydrates where others dry), it’s become a winner with those looking for low-maintenance make-up that will see you through the hot summer months and any special occasions. 

The Wonder Blading Lip Stain delivers the intense, pigmented colour of a lipstick but lasts all day like a stain. It can be used under chapstick or gloss without fading

The bright blue lip masque is not the final shade. There are nine full-colour lip shades to choose from as well as three fresh tins for a more natural finish. 

There have been over 2,000 reviews left for the Wonder Blading Lip Stain on the brand’s website, with many of them leaving impressive before and after photos.

One delighted shoppers raved: ‘It lasted 8 whole hours. And I had to remove it at bedtime. So well worth the price. I do not like the sticky feeling of lipstick but love a bright lip, so this was a TOTAL win for me.’

Another agreed, also impressed by the longevity and payoff: ‘Definitely thought this was going to be some gimmick, and boy was I wrong! Absolutely obsessed. The color is stunning and lasts HOURS.’

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