The slightest criticism makes me sob and colleagues think I’m a middle-aged cry-baby

DEAR DEIDRE: THE slightest criticism makes me sob and colleagues think I’m a middle-aged cry-baby.

How can I become more resilient?

I’m a woman of 44 and work as a receptionist in a busy hospital outpatient department.

I like my job and find it challenging, while my boss and colleagues are generally great.

But there are some days when I really struggle and even the smallest thing will make me burst into tears – for instance, if a patient has a go at me because they have been waiting too long.

I understand it’s not really me they are angry with.

So how can I stop taking things so personally? This is embarrassing and makes me look unprofessional.

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DEIDRE SAYS: It sounds like you are suffering from stress.

My Help For Stress support pack has lots of suggestions on how to manage this more effectively and where to go for support.

It could be that your self-esteem is low, too.

The charity Mind ( has lots of useful information about building resilience on its excellent website.

It is also worth having your hormone levels checked with your GP, as fluctuating female hormones can make a person weepy.

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