These ‘Attractive People Problems’ Will Have You Playing the World’s Tiniest Violin

When it comes to the grand scale of human suffering, we don’t often think about the unique problems that come with being considered conventionally beautiful. But “attractive people problems” are a real thing; at least, according to a recent thread on Reddit, where hotties have been sharing the downsides to beauty.

People think you’re unapproachable

“If you are shy, anxious, socially awkward or generally quiet but also attractive, people assume you are rude and standoffish,” reads one comment. Others chimed in to say that, while they don’t think they’re attractive, other people have said that they are, and that their introverted natures have led them to be deemed cold or stuck up. “People have always assumed I was a snob but I’m actually just really shy,” said one, while another recalled finding out towards the end of college that other students called her “the Ice Princess”: “Apparently, I’m cold and “too pretty and perfect” to be approachable.”

People only want to sleep with you

Another commonly cited hot person problem is that everybody sees you as a sexual object first, and a human being second. “Most people of the opposite sex are your ‘friends’ right up until the point you make it clear you don’t want anything more with them and then they ghost you,” one commenter said. “It hurts losing friends that way.”

And while yes, that can sound more than a little bit “sometimes I sing too beautifully,” it’s easy to see how it can become incredibly frustrating. Imagine moving to a new city, or starting a new job, and being desperate to make new friends, only for everyone to reduce you to your appearance.

People think you’re stupid

The popular bimbo myth dictates that “you can be smart or beautiful, but not both.” But since when did real life fall into such binaries? As one commenter put it: “Wow, you’re a lot smarter than I thought you’d be!” isn’t the compliment you think it is. And facing undermining or belittling behaviour from colleagues because your appearance leads them to think you’re unqualified, or that you got your job through anything but merit, must be rage-inducing.

Remember, folks: hotties are people too.

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