These Instagram-Famous Wrist and Ankle Weights Never Go on Sale — Except for Now

If you have an Instagram or TikTok account, you've probably seen Bala Bangles on your feed. Even if you didn't know the name until now, there's a good chance you've scrolled past an influencer doing an at-home pilates class with the pretty wearable weights adorning their ankles and wrists. And while the 1-pound weights are certainly small space-friendly, they weren't exactly budget-friendly at $50 for a set — until now. Bala Bangles are currently 15 percent off at Verishop with code BESTYOU when you spend a minimum of $100. 

Whether you're in the market for compact gear to take your living room sweat sessions to the next level or you just like the look of them, Bala Bangles come highly recommended by customers, influencers, and pretty much the whole internet. Made with elastic and soft silicone, the weights are easy to slide onto your ankles or wrists (or can be held in your hands) to add a bit of extra resistance to your workouts or everyday activities. Unlike dumbbells, which limit your range of motion, Bala Bangles are discreet, sleek, and comfortable, so they're perfect for wearing while walking the dog or running errands. 

Buy It! Bala Bangles Weighted Bangles, $42 with code BESTYOU (orig. $49); 

And while Bala Bangles are sold at a number of retailers, the viral brand rarely goes on sale and can take months to arrive at your door. Verishop customers, on the other hand, had a different experience: "Fitness Coach recommended these. Could not find them anywhere. Found at Verishop. Easy ordering. Quick delivery. Very impressed with Verishop and the product! Will be wanting the 2-pound weights in the future!" 

Along with the internet-famous weights, Verishop is offering a discount on Bala Bangles' other fitness accessories, including its power ring, sliders, and bands until January 18.

Certain colors are already starting to sell out, so hurry and grab the 15-percent-off viral ankle weights to take advantage of this rare sale while you can. 

Buy It! Bala Bangles Weighted Bangles, $42 with code BESTYOU (orig. $49); 

Buy It! Bala Bangles Weighted Bangles, $42 with code BESTYOU (orig. $49); 

Buy It! Bala Bangles The Power Ring, $72 with code BESTYOU (orig. $85); 

Buy It! Bala Bangles Bands, $17 with code BESTYOU (orig. $20); 

Buy It! Bala Bangles Sliders, $17 with code BESTYOU (orig. $20);

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