This Popular ‘GoT’ Theory About Varys Was Just Confirmed By The Actor Who Plays Him

He may look harmless on the outside, but throughout the past eight seasons Varys proved to be one of the cleverest to come out of Game of Thrones. Preferring to work in the shadows, many of his actions went undetected, however, according to Vanity Fair, Conleth Hill recently confirmed a popular Varys theory that proves this spider was even more cunning and devious than you may have previously thought.

Shortly before meeting his untimely demise via dragon fire, Varys was shown receiving reports about Daenerys’ eating habits from a young servant girl who worked in the kitchens. The girl indicated that the Mother of Dragons was refusing to eat anything, prompting Varys to tell her that they would "try again later." Some may have thought he was just genuinely concerned about Dany’s loss of appetite and that they would try to convince her to eat something later on for the good of her health. However, many viewers suspected that Varys had a much different motive in mind and that he was actually trying to poison Dany, fearing that she was beginning to head into Mad Queen territory.

Varys has always insisted that he serves "the realm" above all else, so if he felt innocent lives could be in danger of Dany’s wrath, it isn’t a huge stretch to think that he would resort to drastic measures to ensure that wouldn’t happen.

No proof was ever shown to indicate that Varys actually made attempts on Dany’s life, but during this year’s Game of Thrones panel at San Diego Comic-Con, Hill put the rumors to rest once and for all, revealing that yes, Varys did try to poison the queen after all. "Yeah…The coin, when a Targaryen is born, is going to be one side or the other," Hill explained to fans, as reported by "And [Dany’s] has come down a bit cray cray towards the end. I think Varys knew long ago he was going to die, and what the sorcerer might’ve said to him, might’ve been what [Dany] says when he’s burnt to death."

Hill added:

Ultimately, his plan didn’t end up working out as he would’ve hoped. Dany lived and went on to burn King’s Landing to the ground, making all of Varys’ deepest fears come to pass. It wasn’t the way any of us really wanted to see Varys go, especially since he turned out to be right about the destructive road Dany was about to go down. But at least now viewers can take some solace in knowing that he did, in fact, go down fighting right up until the bitter end.

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