Tinsley Reflects on Explosive RHONY Finale, Reveals Who She Still Speaks to After Quitting

“I’m very grateful for not being on the show.”

“Real Housewives of New York” will live on without Tinsley Mortimer … and she’s moving on without most of them, too.

In an interview with Reality Life with Kate Casey podcast, Tins made it clear she’s really only in contact with one or two of her former costars after she quit the show and their explosive reunion.

“The chapter is closed, but I am still friends with [Leah McSweeney] and talk to her all the time,” she said when asked who she’ll continue to check in with now that she’s off the show. “We text all the time. I adore her. Hopefully when the world gets to a place that is somewhat normal, I will go back to New York often and I will see people.”

“Can I say that I’m gonna reach out to some of the girls on the show if I am in New York? Probably not,” she added. “Mainly just Leah, maybe Sonja. For no hard feelings or anything. I do have a real friendship with Leah and continue to have that.”

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Tinsley added she will, “of course,” continue to watch the reality series and was “curious” about the next season. She also said she’s “talked about maybe filming a scene or two if I go back to New York with Leah. Just in a fun way.” That being said, she added, “I’m very grateful for not being on the show, too.”

As for what she doesn’t miss now that she lives in Chicago with fiance Scott Kuth, away from the cameras, Mortimer said she used to have “a lot of anxiety every day” they filmed. “A lot of times you feel like you are walking in and which side are you going to be punched on this time,” she recalled, “That feeling of constantly being on egg shells is nice to not have to deal with now.”

While she quit the show midway through the last season, Tinsley did return for the socially-distant reunion — in which she took a stand against Dorinda Medley and revealed the shocking reason she believes Dorinda really didn’t like her. She claimed it all had to do with Dorinda’s then-boyfriend borrowing money from Scott behind Medley’s back. While Dorinda denied that happened, Bravo showed footage of her screaming at John and telling him not to use her friends for money.

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“I came into the reunion different, a lot of the times you come into the reunion you are solving problems through with the other girls and different things, sometimes you go into the reunion, you don’t know if you are coming back next season or not, this was so much more, obviously, calm for me,” said Tinsley. “I was happy, I had left the show.”

“Yes, I had to say my piece and there were moments I needed to address. I am happy I was able to,” she added. Mortimer said filming was “so intense and almost a blur” and she didn’t actually remember much of what she said or went down until she watched it on Bravo. She added that she was proud of how she stood up for herself and appreciated the fan support as it aired.

“Leah told me I did a really good job … I was like, ‘Leah, I literally have no idea,'” she joked. “It’s so intense, you black it out. Of course, I came prepared, knowing what I wanted to say.”

Going forward, Mortimer said she is not planning to put more of her personal life on film — especially as she and Scott focus on their wedding and having children. “I do think there are so many things that can go wrong in those situations, and I don’t need that added stress to my life,” she said, adding that Scott also “doesn’t love to be on camera.”

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