Toadie left rocked as Dee's DNA test results revealed in Neighbours

Neighbours’ Dee Bliss (Madeleine West) is finally about to learn the truth and it’s darker and far more twisted than she or Toadie (Ryan Moloney) ever imagined.

The plot thickened when she decided she could well be related to Andrea Somers, and she decided to do a DNA test, but now the results are about to come in and even she isn’t prepared for what they’ll tell her.

As Dee and Toadie anxiously await the results they visit Andrea in prison, and she has a new theory about the red headed woman she remembers. She thinks it might be their birth mother and that they were separately adopted by Heather and the Bliss family. But there’s a far darker truth going on here, and they’re about to get to the bottom of it.

Dee is left rattled by the fact she might not really be a Bliss and that her whole childhood has been a lie. Then the results come in.

It’s shock all round, but not a total surprise – Dee and Andrea are twins. And Andrea’s theory was wrong – Heather is their mother after all. So who was the red headed woman? With the news setting in, Toadie and Dee realise she needs to find out the truth from Heather, but she can’t handle the thought of facing her.

Toadie decides to confront her alone, and Heather tells him about Andrea’s unremarkable birth in a Perth hospital. Something doesn’t add up, so he decides to dig deeper. He checks with the hospital’s records but learns there is no record of Heather giving birth there.

Dee is baffled, and wonders if the red headed woman has something to do with it – she remembers her being at her birthday parties. Toadie decides there is only one thing for it – Heather needs to be put under hypnosis to help her break through the memory.

With both Karl and Toadie present, Heather is put under by Dr Robinson and it quickly becomes clear Heather’s memory of a pleasant and uneventful birth has been masking something tragic. Instead, it was a very traumatic event, which saw her give birth in a shelter called Gartside Grove.

She recalls a red headed nun, and it gives Mark enough information to track her down – her name is Sister Grace and she has one heck of a truth to tell. Feeling guilty, she catches a flight to Erinsborough where she reveals what really happened to Dee and Andrea.

What will it mean for Dee’s future?

Scenes air from Monday 22nd July at 1.45pm and 5.30pm on Channel 5.

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