Top 50 signs youre winning at life – including good hair day and no queue for petrol

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Other “punch the air” moments include having a good hair day, enjoying sunshine on your day off, and discovering an old item of clothing still fits you.

It also emerged half of those polled believe they’re winning at life.

A spokesman for Buzz Bingo, which commissioned the research after giving away a total of £2.5 million through its £50k Big Buzz Special jackpot, said: “As the study suggests, little things can really make all the difference – and really brighten our day.

“No matter how big or small, these wins can make us feel like luck is on our side. But we don’t just have to wait around for them to happen – we can make our own luck sometimes too.

“After all, the saying goes “you’ve got to be in it, to win it!”.”

The study found the typical adult enjoys around four little wins a week – that’s 184 during an average year.

However, they claim to need closer to five in order to get through a seven-day period – 237 over the course of 12 months.

This might explain why three-quarters believe they need more of these moments in their life, and why two-thirds are of the opinion they’re due a bit of luck.

Other wins include putting in a USB the right way round first time, getting served at the bar straightaway, and having enough milk for one last cup of tea.

Receiving the all-clear on your MOT, getting an unexpected pay rise, and it starting to rain just after you’ve brought the washing in are also welcome victories.

And so are those occasions when social events you couldn’t be bothered with get cancelled, and waking up thinking it’s a weekday but realising it’s the weekend.

It also emerged eight in ten said these victories give them a happy glow – a feeling which typically lasts for one hour and 45 minutes.

Part of the reason for this feeling might be that wins make them luckier – or at least, that’s what 70 percent believe.

But sadly, the study carried out through OnePoll found 82 percent “can’t remember” the last time they had one.

Richard Kearns of Buzz Bingo, which has had 50 winners of its £50k Big Buzz Special jackpot since reopening in May, said: “The research suggests plenty of those polled feel they are due things to go their way, and long for that happy glow from little victories.

“It’s always a great moment when you can bask in the glory of that “winning at life” feeling.”


  1. Finally finding something you’d lost and been looking for for ages
  2. Traffic lights turning green as you approach
  3. Getting an unexpected tax rebate
  4. Getting an unexpected pay rise
  5. Getting in a queue at the front just before loads of other people join the queue
  6. When your car gets the all-clear on its MOT
  7. Getting a small win on the lottery
  8. Getting a free hotel upgrade
  9. When something you have planted successfully blooms/produces fruit or veg
  10. When it’s sunny on a day off work
  11. When you do some DIY and it actually looks like it should
  12. When someone takes a photo of you and you look good in it
  13. Getting a compliment from a stranger
  14. When it starts raining just after you’ve brought the washing in
  15. When someone says you are wrong about something, so you Google it and find you were correct
  16. Finding you still fit into an old but special piece of clothing – like a suit or dress
  17. Waking up thinking it’s a weekday but realising it’s the weekend
  18. Arriving late for the train only to discover it’s been slightly delayed
  19. When a social event you couldn’t be bothered with gets cancelled
  20. Getting to the bus stop or train platform just as your transport arrives
  21. Parallel parking on the first attempt
  22. When the clocks go back and you get an extra hour in bed
  23. Getting a seat on a busy train
  24. Receiving an online delivery earlier than expected
  25. When you remember a bar of chocolate you’d been saving
  26. Getting the house to yourself
  27. Having a “good hair day”
  28. When you get an answer right when watching a gameshow
  29. When you get served at the bar straightaway
  30. Winning an online auction with a last-second bid
  31. Going to the cinema and having no one sat in front of you
  32. When you attempt a joke and it lands/people find it funny
  33. Not having to queue at the pumps for petrol
  34. When you order a present for someone and it arrives just in time
  35. When your birthday falls on a weekend or Bank Holiday
  36. When your partner says “shall we have a take-away tonight?”
  37. The satisfaction of having put something away where you would be able to find it later
  38. Coming home from work and dinner is ready
  39. Filling up petrol and perfectly stopping dead on the pound
  40. Getting back to your car just as the parking ticket is about to run out/go up to the next price bracket
  41. Remembering your shopping bags and pound for the trolley
  42. When you crack and egg and don’t get any shell in the mix/don’t break the yolk
  43. Discovering a work meeting has been cancelled
  44. When your child sleeps through the night
  45. Having enough milk for one last cup of tea
  46. Getting to work late and discovering your boss hasn’t arrived yet either
  47. Putting in a USB the right way round first time
  48. Discovering your boss has the day off
  49. Getting out the right key for the door lock at the first attempt
  50. Posting on social media and getting lots of likes

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