Top Dogg: Snoop Dogg Takes Executive Position With Def Jam

Snoop Dogg has had a successful music career for well over 3 decades, and has just proven to the world that he has no desire to bow out of the industry anytime soon. In fact, he has just taken a huge step forward in solidifying a new venture that will have fans seeing a whole lot more of his influence on the music scene. Variety reports that the legendary artist “has just formally and officially joined Def Jam Recordings as the executive creative, and strategic consultant.” He will now be able to not only showcase his talent in the world of Hip Hop and rap, but also demonstrate his keen entrepreneurial skills.

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Snoop Dogg’s voice and unique musical sounds are recognizable by fans of all ages and walks of life. He has achieved international success with the release of each of his albums, and continues to be among the most influential artists of our time.

It comes as no surprise that he has a lot to offer to the world of music in a different more ‘upper level’ capacity, and that’s precisely what he plans on doing with his new deal. Snoop Dogg will put his immediate attention on the creative development of artists under the Def Jam label, working to cultivate and shape their careers using his profound industry experience.

This new deal sees Snoop Dogg join Def Jam as a senior strategic advisor, and he’s bringing a whole lot of experience to the table. He has pursued a variety of different business ventures over the years, each of which has garnered unprecedented levels of success. He co-produced Coach Snoop, GGN: Double G News as well as Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party. He also has a variety of investments in the cannabis industry and of course, his involvement with 19 Crimes wine as well as Indoggo Gin.

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Snoop is as excited to join forces with Def Jam as they are to have him on board. He revealed his excitement to the press by saying; “Now, you may wonder why, so late in my career, would I wanna work for Def Jam Records, well lemme tell ya, as a young rapper, Def Jam was the holy grail of hip-hop.”

He went on to say he is excited to give the label his “love and wisdom, guidance and understanding, as well as some tricks” he learned along the way.

For those who are unfamiliar with the huge names that Def Jam represents, they need not look any further than the likes of the Beastie Boys, Ludacris, Public Enemy and Foxy Brown.

Snoop’s new position will allow him to diversify the portfolios of the artists that are signed on to the Def Jam label, and he has big plans to take things even further than that. He wants to spotlight the artists and produce life stories about them, as well as bringing on new talent.

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Sources: Variety, Geo TV


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