Treating your scalp more like your complexion could stop thinning lengths and sluggish hair growth – here’s how to tend to it better

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Most of us wouldn’t think twice about splashing out on a pricey anti-ageing cream to improve our complexion, but would you spend the same on your scalp?

It seems for a lot of us yes, as the “skinc-hair” trend has us turning to nourishing, nutrient-rich and regenerating formulas to get the healthy hair we all want.

Why does my scalp need skincare?

“First of all, your scalp is skin, and people tend to forget that,” says Simone Thomas, trichologist at Simone Thomas Hair Loss Clinic.

“We spend hundreds of pounds on face creams, but just pick up the cheapest thing in the supermarket aisle to cleanse and condition our scalp when actually, it can suffer from the same skincare complaints – like dryness, redness, dermatitis and eczema – as our faces do.”

All of these issues can then have an impact on the condition of your hair.

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How do I know if I have an unhealthy scalp?

You may notice sluggish hair growth, thinning locks, itchiness or flaking skin. “But what usually happens is people leave it until they notice their hair is really thin or they have bad dandruff, and THEN they go seek out help for the problem, instead of proactively looking after their scalps in the first place,” says Simone.

What causes scalp issues?

Being run down and stressed, having thyroid problems or a bad diet, medication and environmental changes can all cause an unhealthy scalp. “Also cheap, silicone-heavy products that cause an excessive build-up of product and block hair follicles can be to blame – especially when it comes to slow hair growth,” Simone adds.

Be wary of bars!

Shampoo bars are becoming increasingly popular thanks to their eco-friendly packaging and price point, but they may not be the best when it comes to a healthy scalp.

“Their formulas are often quite waxy and can cause follicle blockages. They also hold on to bacteria more than sealed shampoo bottles,” says Simone.

So what can I do about an unhealthy scalp?

“Start from the inside and drink two to three litres of water a day, to help reduce inflammation – which can potentially trigger hair loss. Eat lots of oily fish, leafy greens and nuts and seeds, to nourish your body and scalp. Also take collagen, essential amino acid and super green supplements as they do a lot of internal good that will show in your hair,” Simone advises.

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What about scalp boosting products?

Simone says you’ll benefit hugely from using a professional hair care range that uses higher concentrations of natural scalp-friendly ingredients. These can include coconut oil and tomato extract, which contain a host of hair-stimulating vitamins.

“And like you cleanse, tone, moisturise and treat the skin on your face, you should do the same for your scalp. That involves washing with a good shampoo, hydrating with a nourishing conditioner, and giving yourself regular massages to get the blood flow going,” says Simone.

Like you’d use a face mask and exfoliant, you should also invest in a good scalp scrub and hair mask for weekly home treatments.

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