Walker trapped by fallen gum tree, then attacked by swarm of bees

A huge gum tree has fallen across a walking track in Melbourne's north-east, trapping at least one person and unleashing a swarm of bees on the victims.

A man and a woman, both believed to be aged in their 70s, were walking along a track near Templestowe Bowling Club on Swilk Street in Templestowe, just before 8am.

Witness Joey, who works in a cake shop near the scene, told radio station 3AW she heard loud screaming after the tree fell, and then saw a big swarm of bees.

“It was a big hearty tree," Joey said.

“Unfortunately we couldn’t [help to get victims out from under tree] because it looked like a bee nest… had come straight to it. So there were a lot of bees. We couldn’t get further into where it was.

“When I say a lot of bees, I mean a real big swarm of bees, so I am sure someone would have got stung."

Paramedics were called to the scene just after 8am, and left about 45 minutes later.

The man was taken to the Austin Hospital while the woman was taken to the Royal Melbourne Hospital.

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