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DEAR DEIDRE: FIVE years into our relationship, I realised I had  fallen out of love with my partner.

Lots of things about him drove me crazy with frustration, and I couldn’t see a future with him.

I’m 28 and he’s 30. 

Even though he had a good job, he still lived like he was a student.
His flat was a tip and he drank and smoked too much.

We rarely had sex, and if I ever tried to talk to him about this he would just change the subject.

But I didn’t know how to end the relationship without hurting him.
I was also scared of being alone.

I wrote to you for advice and you confirmed what I suspected – that  It was time for me to walk away from him, for the sake of my mental health and my future. 

You said it sounded like he was in denial and that unless he accepted  our relationship needed work, nothing would ever change. 

You also sent me your support pack, Ending A Relationship.

You helped me to see things more clearly, and I then decided to break up with him.

He accepted it and didn’t seem that surprised. I’m so relieved.

Thank you.

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DEIDRE SAYS: An objective ­­opinion can help to clarify things.

You’ve made the right decision and I wish you luck.


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