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CAN you get hired to hire others? With more than a million open vacancies across the UK and companies vying to attract the best talent, recruitment is the hottest new career.

The recruitment sector employs over 110,000 professionals across 30,000 firms and most large companies have their own in-house recruitment specialists too.

So do you have the talent to make it in talent acquisition? Here are the top five traits you’ll need to succeed.

The ability to deep listen

This is perhaps the most underrated but most important skill for a recruiter.

You’ll need to listen and analyse to what your client – the hiring company – needs and also listen to potential candidates to assess if they are the right fit. Deep listening goes beyond surface words.

To be a great recruiter, it’s about considering body language and what people are not saying too.

Sales skills

Recruitment is essentially a sales job with people.

You’re selling a company and role to the candidate and a candidate and their experience and personality to the company.

Dealing with people rather than products requires a degree of empathy and understanding, so it’s sales with a heart and feeling.

Networking and relationship building

The best recruiters are also excellent networkers.

You’ll need to build a network of clients and candidates, understand their needs and motivations and in many cases, follow them through the years as more senior roles come up.

Top recruiters are great with people and enjoy high levels of social interaction.

Find out more about recruiters networking events at rec.uk.com

Persistence and determination

Like all sales jobs, there are frequent knockbacks.

Clients will reject your candidates; candidates will give the right signals then refuse the job.

You’ll need to be resilient enough to rise above this and keep working with a smile on your face.


From salary expectations to job titles to the WFH hours, most jobs these days offer flexible packages.

The recruiter's skill is finding the balance between candidate and client which satisfies both – while managing the expectations of both.

Sound negotiating skills are a must to make your job work.

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Ready to hear “you’re hired”? Here are the Sun Jobs to recruitment picks of the week.

Recruitment Consultant – Interim Finance, Kernel Global, London

Hire for the high-octane finance world in this dynamic new role.

The Role: Kernel Global is looking for a highly motivated finance Recruitment Consultant.

What You’ll Do: Working alongside the private equity team, you will source industry-leading finance talent for private equity portfolio companies.

This role could be from consultant level up to leadership, depending on your experience and aspirations.

What You’ll Need: Applicants should have experience working as a finance recruiters, have a people-centric attitude, a values-driven approach to your work, and the ability to adapt in a continuously evolving and innovative environment.

Apply Now: See more details here.

IT Recruiter – London, PE Global, London

Have you got what it techs to reach the top? The get hired for the IT industry here.

The Role: PE Global Technology is on the lookout for an IT Recruiter to join its team in London.

What You’ll Do: The recruitment team proactively partners with vendors, consultancies, start-ups, large enterprise international clients operating across multiple industries to provide innovative resourcing solutions.

As such, you’ll be required to develop new and existing client relationships, maintain a talent pool and take the lead of driving PE Global Technology’s social media presence.

What You’ll Need: Relevant experience acquired in a recruitment agency along with a blend of business development, account management and project recruitment is preferred.

Apply Now: View the full job description here.

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