Why The Six Shooters Alliance Could Be Over Soon On ‘Big Brother’ 21

Big Brother 21 doesn’t really know how to do alliances right. Every time one gets made, it crumbles almost immediately. Even the Six Shooters alliance on Big Brother 21 may be coming to an end. Christie got upset with Jackson aka Michie on the July 24 episode, and she made it seem like she’d potentially be gunning for him soon.

Her frustration with him came after he won the Veto. Michie wanted Christie to activate her power, which would have allowed Michie to pick his own replacement on the block. He wanted to put up Bella. But Christie wasn’t so sure she wanted to use her power during a week where she wasn’t even in danger. She gets it for two more weeks, and she didn’t necessarily want to throw it away. Michie just assumed that she would for the good of the alliance.

Christie didn’t really let on to Michie that she was mad at him, and she finagled a deal with Cliff that let her keep the power and also get Bella on the block, but Christie let the Diary Room know her true feelings about Michie moving forward.

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