Woman baffled as man holds placard telling beachgoers to stop wearing bikinis

A woman was left mortified when she saw a man ordering beachgoers in bikinis to "dress modestly"

Katie Simmons and her friend were basking in the soaring sun at Jacksonville Beach in Florida, on Sunday (July 18) when she spotted a man walking across with a huge placard in hands.

Sharing the bizarre moment on TikTok, the man is seen staring at the pair while showing the cardboard to them.

On the board it reads: "God says Christian women dress modest. (1 Timothy 2:9) Repent. Turn to Jesus."

Katie, who is wearing a halterneck bikini, turns the camera to him and asks: "Sir, it's a beach. Are we supposed to dress modest at a beach?"

The man stops and answers: "God doesn't want women …"

She cuts him off and shuts him down, saying: "What if God's fake?"

Many viewers hit back at the man by quoting another passage from the Bible, as one shared: "God says Christian men don't look at women lustfully (Matthew 18:9) and if your eye causes you to sin, gouge it out and throw it away."

Another corrected the meaning of the quote on the placard and explained: "The Biblical modesty wasn't even about covering up. It's about not showing off the fact that you're rich by going overboard with jewellery."

Another asked: "Why are you supposed to wear… a dress?"

Some questioned what happened after the video was cut, and Katie said: "He yelled at me. We talked to him for like five more minutes after this.

"I went off after, I hope you see someone like him, it was fun."

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