Woman blasts ‘rude’ colleagues who ‘steal’ annual leave because they have kids

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    A woman has slammed "rude" colleagues for getting priority on annual leave at work "just because they have kids".

    TikToker Callie shared a very common office problem and said parents she worked with always felt entitled to "steal" people's holiday.

    Addressing a comment from someone who said "parents should be given priority when it comes to school holiday", the 27-year-old had a strong opinion about it.

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    "No! You do not get priority because you chose to have kids," she responded.

    "If the week of spring break at school is so important to you because you're planning a family trip, you need to show initiative and take that time off.

    "If somebody else you work with happen to ask off for those days first, I'm sorry but I guess you're s*** out of luck!"

    One woman said it happened to her at work, claiming her boss asked her to give up her holiday because a colleague "wanted to take her kids to Disney World".

    Evie had booked her Christmas leave off months ago so she could go back home to see her parents, whom she hadn't seen in over a year.

    But just two days before the holiday, her boss asked if she could give her week to another colleague.

    She recalled the mum telling her: "You don't understand, I need to spend time with my children. I have children, they need to see their mother."

    Evie was shocked by her attitude and felt that "the entitlement is unreal".

    Sharing an expert opinion on the topic, workplace solutions guru Adam Butler, founder and CEO of Officeology, said it ultimately comes down to organisation.

    He said: "School breaks are made known well ahead of time, so it falls to you as a parent to make sure you book the time off in advance.

    "Similarly those without children should be encouraged to make sure they plan and book their annual leave in advance too.

    "All employees should be treated equally across all areas of a business.

    "Of course, there may be extreme cases such as emergency hospital appointments for children or unexpected school closures that would warrant a conversation such as the one mentioned in the TikTok video, but a last minute trip to Disneyland doesn’t quite fit into the ‘extreme cases’ category."


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