Woman refuses to attend friends wedding as there are no vegan options available

Although they are supposed to be a celebration of love, weddings can be stressful at times.

Having to plan your big day can bring up a number of issues – from seating plans to dietary requirements.

Just like a bride-to-be has learnt after her friend, Rachel, put a spanner in the works days before her wedding.

The soon to be married 30-year-old woman thought she had finalised all of the catering after taking into consideration her guests' needs.

However, 32-year-old Rachel failed to return her RSVP and asked her friend who is getting hitched what vegan options she will have on offer – four days before the wedding.

After telling her friend that there has been no vegan meals on the big day, Rachel is no refusing to come to the wedding.

Now the bride-to-be is worried that she is in the wrong and fears losing her friendship after refusing to cater for Rachel.

She took to Reddit to explain the situation and asked for some advice on the dilemma.

The lass said: “My friend since college, Rachel, is a newly turned vegan. She started being one back in November. I got a call from her yesterday asking what vegan options I will have.

“I told her “none” because we already picked the menu out back in July, and we are doing BBQ.

“Rachel got mad at me and said as the bride and host, it’s my job to make sure she is fed.I told her she would’ve been fed had sent back the RSVP by the correct date.”

Even if the bride-to-be wanted to cater for Rachel’s, she would have to pay £88 in late fees to the caterer.

The Redditor explained: "Besides, changing anything on the menu, even for a single person, adds a late fee to my caterer because the menu had to be finalised almost two weeks ago.

“She said she won’t come if there are no vegan options but I asked her if it was the other way around, would she serve meat and she said no because it goes against her beliefs.

“I asked what she would have me do and she said that if I didn’t like it then I could bring my own food. So I suggested she do the same and hung up in her face.”

After asking her family and friends for advice on the situation, the soon to be wife has got mixed responses.

She said: "My fiancé is with me on this but some people in the bridal party think that since my caterer does offer individual meals (vegan) I should pay the late fee and the additional meal fee so Rachel can eat (total would be almost $120).

“They also said I knew she was vegan and should not have needed an RSVP to anticipate Rachel’s needs.

“I would’ve included it had she brought this up before the deadline but she didn’t, and she’s known about my wedding for the entire two years I was engaged.”

Overwhelmingly, many people felt that Rachel was in the wrong and so fled to the comments to reassure the woman.

One person commented: “I’m a vegan and I find Rachel annoying.”

Another user added: “If she can’t RSVP on time, she can pay the extra if she wants the meal.”

A third person voiced: “It's your friend's responsibility to make sure she eats, not yours.”

Someone else expressed: “No. I think Rachel needs to learn that poor planning on her part does not constitute an emergency upon yours.”

As a fifth person said: “She had her time to make her wishes know. She wants a vegan meal that much… she can pay the caterer the 120.”

Let us know in the comments if you think the bride-to-be or Rachel is in the wrong?

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