Workshop to teach Winnipeg dads how to do their daughter’s hair

A program in Winnipeg is hoping to help awkward dads (and moms) learn how to style their daughter’s hair.

MC College is holding a drop-in session Thursday to offer tricks and tips.

“Our DIY sessions have been taking place for a bit now where we teaching them some of our knowledge and skills,” said MC College Enrollment Coordinator Kaitlyn Gaetz.

“It’s not just pertaining to dads, we also have times that focus on makeup and fashion,” added Gaetz

Gaetz’s fiance Kris Ehnes learned some of the tricks in order to do their daughter’s hair and he’s found the lessons helpful.

“It was neat experience and way to spend some time with Brooklyn. It was in a different environment that what we’re used to,” said Ehnes.

“It was for sure out of my element, but I learned some new things and a great way to spend time with Brooklyn,” added Ehnes.

Other fathers have been giving positive feedback as well and Gaetz said a common lesson has helped fathers untie a common issue.

“We especially see tips on untangling hair. I know even for these two (Ehnes and Brookyln) it can be a struggle at home,” Gaetz said.

“It’s not just for dads, moms have also joined and took part and they are more than welcomed as well,” she added.

The sessions are held drop-in style over a three-hour period.

“We were there for about an hour. Everyone was so nice and very patient with me. Which is a good thing. I learned different techniques and even some braids,” Ehnes said.

Gaetz feels it’s also a great experience for kids and their parents.

“Just having that quality time with their dad is a great bonding moment. As employees and seeing that happen while their daughters laugh is a great thing to see.

The next session is June 27 from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. where fathers and daughters are able to drop in anytime between then.

More of the DIY sessions can be found here.

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