YouTuber Vs. TikToker Boxing Match Is Set To Make Millions

Social media is a fabulous platform for fun, connective interaction. To most people, it’s a great way to stay in touch with friends and family, meet new people, and share various aspects of their lives and careers. The platform is designed to keep everyone connected and entertained, and in recent years, social media has completely taken over our lives. Everyone is tuned in, all the time, especially the younger generations.

In fact, this is far more than just a social platform. For the many social media influencers out there, this is a huge money-making opportunity. Influencers are raking in millions and millions of dollars each year through endorsement deals and their sheer ability to engage millions of fans across the globe with the push of a button.

The Sun reports that this time, they’re taking this to a whole new level by hosting a YouTube vs. TikTok boxing match that sees the stars of both platforms taking the ring to battle one another in person… and there are millions of dollars at stake. Mark your calendars for June 5th, Social Gloves: Battle of the Platforms, when history will be made.

The Epic Match Up Of Social Media Platforms

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There are YouTubers, and there are TikTokers, and they stand divided. Not just in the social media realm, but in real life as well. This once in a lifetime, never been done before boxing match up is poised to be one of the most epic entertainment matches in history, and the winner stands a chance at making millions of dollars.

This is the first time that the drama between the two different groups of young men is getting a real-life forum. That’s right, they’re not just duking it out online, they’re actually getting paired up and entering the ring to settle their scores in a boxing match. The purse is huge and sees some of the biggest names in social media getting in the ring.

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The Hype

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This huge event is called Social Gloves: Battle of the Platforms and is being dubbed as; “the largest PPV event in history.” The big night takes place on June 5th, and will be available for paid viewing only. The executive producer, Paul Cazers, has been quoted by The Sun as saying; “This event is a perfect storm of celebrity, social media, technology, digital marketing, pop culture and, at the end of the day, good old Hollywood 101 celebrity and industry magic. Every component of this singular moment is architected to be a larger than life spectacle and drive viewers across the planet through all social media platforms.”

Paul isn’t new to events like this. He brings a lot to the table to ensure this event is as successful as possible. This digital talent agent was the mastermind behind the production of the boxing match between YouTube stars Logan Paul and KSI, and if there’s one thing he learned from that experience, it’s that social media stars attract an unprecedented number of fans. Viewership is astronomical, and the international fan base of each social media star is a loyal one. This is going to be a seriously big purse, and the hype is building, months in advance.

The event will be broadcast live on the Live X Live platform, and for the moment, it’s expected to take place at a still-to-be-determined location in Los Angeles.

The fight card reads as an impressive who’s-who of the social media world, and the main card pegs mega YouTube star Austin McBroom against TikTok sensation Bryce Hall. The two biggest names from either platform will face off in a moment that is sure to create a frenzy among fans.

With a full night of match-ups leading up to the main event, these social media stars are definitely giving fans their money’s worth in entertainment value.

The fight card is an impressive one that sees the following matchups:

Tanner Fox vs Nick Austin

FaZe Jarvis vs Michale Le

DDG vs Nate Wyatt

Fan’s pick vs Tayler Holder

Danny Duncan vs Fan’s pick

Deji vs Vinnie Hacker

Austin McBroom vs Bryce Hall

The Main Event

All eyes are on McBroom and Hall as they prepare for their big fight night. The two have been jabbing at one another online, and egging each other on for quite some time. Insider reveals that McBroom has been applying pressure on Hall to engage in a fight since 2020, and has a history of drama and controversy that has swarmed around him. The 28 year old vlogger operates The Ace Family channel and has been trolled for faking scenes and fabricating content to generate views.

Bryce Hall has been linked to his on-again, off-again relationship with fellow social media star Addison Rae, and initially started off on and YouTube before migrating to TikTok to become one of its leading stars. He’s 21 years old and has faced his fair share of controversy as well.

Bryce Hall has 13 million followers on TikTok alone, and Austin McBroom has racked up 17.8 subscribers on YouTube.

Too Fab reports that during a podcast interview on No Jumper, Bryce Hall revealed the financial stake he has in this fight by saying; “So, I’m getting 4% of pay-per-view sales, then $5 million as soon as I step in the ring, and then a $1 million knockout bonus.”

With viewership numbers expected to soar, big bucks are at stake, and the battle of two egos and two social media platforms is poised to make millions through one epic fight night.

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