Youve been doing bedtime wrong – here is how to make your body ready for sleep

An NHS doctor says if you want a good night's sleep you should try having a hot shower right before you go to bed.

Dr Karan Rajan, a general surgeon, says the trick works because it dilates your blood vessels near the surface of your skin.

This makes you cold when you leave the shower, and a lower body temperature makes you sleepy because it encourages the production of the hormone melatonin.

He also warns people to not drink any coffee eight hours before bed and avoid exercise right before sleepytime too.

"This increases adrenaline and cortisol. Both of which increase body temperature, alertness, blood pressure, and pulse," he explains in a TikTok video on his @dr.karanr page.

Dr Karan says these things are the "opposite of what you want before bed".

Meanwhile, caffeine has a half-life of "roughly four hours" he says, which means your body has still only eliminated half it four hours after you have ingested it.

The video was watched more than 90,000 times since it was uploaded on Thursday (November 18) and people were split on whether they thought the ideas were helpful or not.

One user commented: "This is why I like getting into cold sheets I sleep quicker."

"Deep breathing is the most effective way to sleep faster," suggested a second.

A third confessed: "Tried this. I fell deep asleep for about 15 minutes then wake up quickly with a racing heart and wide awake and have to start again."

"I watch your vids each night to help me fall asleep," shared a fourth fan.

Another user wrote: "I can't sleep unless a have a black coffee before bed."

"I find exercise before bed better to fall asleep," said someone else.

Dr Karan has also claimed that having a big butt and thick thighs can "save lives" and protect from cardiovascular disease.

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