Zara & Mike Tindall display ‘sizzling’ body language in new clip

Mike Tindall teases ‘Mike Drop’ with Magic Millions

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Zara Tindall was in the interviewee hot seat with her husband Mike taking control of the questions for his new ‘Mike Drop’ YouTube series. Mike’s new project is in collaboration with the Magic Millions horse-racing event in Australia and will see him interview those with a common passion for horses, including his wife. A sneak peek from the first episode was released and saw the husband and wife greet one another with a term of endearment more commonly used by Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. spoke to body language expert Judi James about the endearing names members of the Royal Family have for one another, and how Zara and Mike refer to each other in the YouTube clip.

Mike begins: “Hello my love,” and Zara replies: “Hello my love.”

“Yeah, welcome to my world,” he remarks, straightening out the papers he has with questions. In response, Zara smiles and jokingly rolls her eyes, before turning her head away.

“How much has Katie and Gerry done for horse racing?” Mike asked his wife, who replied: “Oh a massive amount – one of the most important days in the racing calendar around the world.”

Judi watched their exchange and commented in general: “One of the more pleasantly revealing things about Harry’s book and recent interviews has been the Royal Family’s different terms of endearment.

“We often see a rather stilted version of their relationships in public but the way Charles refers to Harry as ‘Darling boy’ and Camilla as ‘My darling wife’ offer glimpses of something warmer and far more affectionate behind the scenes.

“In contrast we are told of William calling his brother ‘Harold’, which sounds like a far more complex version and less sweet version of Harry or Henry, formalising his name rather than the trait of abbreviation that you usually get with ‘pet names’.

“While Meghan used the rather blunt, Bond-boss style, initial-only ‘H’ for Harry, she and Harry also refer to each other as ‘My love’.

“Here we see that same term of endearment exchanged between Mike and Zara, only the delivery of those words appear to be a lot different to the way that Harry and Meghan use them,” the expert suggested.

“We know the sizzle between Mike and Zara, with their constant displays of affection and sexual attraction in public, and we also know their capacity for playful fun.

“Mike’s ‘My love’ here sounds genuinely loving but it also seems, like the way he makes a big play of cracking his notes before starting their interview, as though he’s intent on having a bit of a laugh, too.

“‘Hello my love’ is clearly said for the cameras rather than a genuine meeting as they must have been sitting close waiting for the shots to be lined up. His cheeks rise up and go round though and his eyes light up in a way that, despite his obvious cheekiness, show he is clearly delighted in her presence,” Judi noted.

“Zara mirrors his signals of both love and cheeky humour here, returning the term of endearment while delivering an identical grin with an identical lighting up of the eyes as she looks at him.

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“When he shakes out his notes she shakes her head and rolls her eyes, but it all makes them look like a very tight, mutually-adoring double act.

“We can see Zara having to use a change of body language to get down to the more serious part of her interview, having to stop looking at her husband to prevent the grin from returning.

“Her eyes look down and she folds her arms, rubbing one arm to remind herself to get the important points across,” Judi added.

The first episode of Mike Drop will see a full conversation with Olympic silver medallist, Patron of Magic Millions Racing Women, equine industry advocate and his wife, Zara.

The couple has been in Australia for the past couple of weeks, both on holiday and working with the Magic Millions event.

The Magic Millions event is an Australian Thoroughbred racehorse auction house which hosts several star-studded events throughout the year, notably the world-famous Gold Coast Yearling Sale at Surfers Paradise in January.

Zara and Mike last attended the Gold Coast Yearling Sale in 2020 and have said it’s been “lovely” to return, Zara, added how she felt it was like “coming back home”.

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