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Along with the New Year comes the annual movie awards season and there’s nothing industry voters love more than films about Hollywood. Alongside the likes of Sir Sam Mendes’ Empire of Light and Steven Spielberg’s The Fabelmans is Damien Chazelle’s Babylon. The Oscar-winning director behind Whiplash and La La Land has seen his passion project receive mixed reviews and bomb at the box office making under $15 million on a budget of $78 million. Nevertheless, the period blockbuster that’s 3 hours and 9 minutes long is receiving nominations at the likes of the Golden Globes and Critics’ Choice Awards and has had the occasional five-star review.

What is Babylon about?

The official plot synopsis reads: “Decadence, depravity, and outrageous excess lead to the rise and fall of several ambitious dreamers in 1920s Hollywood.” Babylon’s title is a biblical reference to the ancient city where the Jews were taken to live in exile, after the siege of Jerusalem in 587BC. In Christianity, the nation symbolises worldliness and evil. Beginning in 1926, Chazelle’s movie depicts historically debauched Hollywood as it transitions from the silent era to sound. The director is fascinated by how so much beautiful art was made during a period of such chaotic indulgence. would categorise the film as The Wolf of Wall Street meets Singin’ In The Rain.

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Who is in the cast of Babylon?

Brad Pitt stars as Jack Conrad, an established ageing silent movie leading man, struggling to adapt to the new world of sound. Margot Robbie plays Nellie LaRoy, an aspiring actress who knows she’s a star before becoming one. Diego Calva’s Manny Torres is Babylon’s protagonist, a Mexican-American runner, desperate to get into the film industry. The supporting cast includes Jean Smart as Elinor St John, a powerful Hollywood gossip columnist, Jovan Adepo as jazz trumpeter Sidney Palmer and Li Jun Li as lesbian Chinese-American cabaret singer Lady Fay Zhu.

Notable cameo roles include Tobey Maguire as mob boss James McKay, Katherine Waterson as Estelle Conrad (Jack’s third wife), Flea as studio executive Don Wallach, Eric Roberts as Nellie’s father Robert Roy, Ethan Suplee as McKay’s bodyguard Wilson, Olivia Wilde as Ina Conrad (Jack’s ex-wife) and Spike Jonze as German film director Otto Von Strassberger.

When will Babylon be released?

Babylon was released in the US just before Christmas on December 23 to qualify for the 2023 awards season, but is yet to open exclusively in UK cinemas until this Friday, January 20.

Is there a trailer for Babylon?

Yes, including an uncensored red-band trailer for the 18 certificate movie which contains strong sex, nudity and drug misuse.

Babylon hits UK cinemas on January 20, 2023.

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