Basil Brush a booming success with Daily Star readers as he talks Danny Dyer

Basil Brush featured on Daily Star's Facebook page on Thursday to give his take on the latest weird and wonderful tales from Britain’s best loved newspaper.

Speaking during a Facebook Live Q&A session with Daily Star's very own Pandora Forsyth, Basil gave his thoughts on everything from Marcus Rashford to the early winter snap.

Speaking about the 'NOBS OUT' front page, Basil shared he "'nearly spat out [his] rice krispies," upon first glance at the cheeky headline.

However, after reading the article, Basil learned that it was actually in reference to EastEnders’ Danny Dyer claiming on BBC Breakfast on Wednesday that the coronavirus pandemic has proved that "people who went to Eton” are unable to run the country.

This has led many fans of Danny, 43, to call for him to take over in the running of the country.

Basil thinks 22-year-old Manchester United footy player Marcus Rashford would also be a good candidate for Prime Minister after his fantastic efforts in trying to end child food poverty.

"I've become [Marcus] biggest fan," Basil shared.

If Basil was running things from Number 10 however, he said his first law would be ensuring "free jelly babies" for everyone.

The early winter snap was also on the agenda during the children's TV favourite’s chat, as he spoke about the probability of a white Christmas this year.

Not convinced that there will be a huge influx of snow, Basil said: "Don’t waste your money on it being a white Christmas – but I would invest in a jolly long coat as we’ll all be sat outside more due to the coronavirus pandemic."

He added: "I sat outside and had a cup of tea the other day and dunked my ginger nuts.

"Ha ha ha! Boo! Boom!"

Daily Star readers also wrote in with their questions for Basil during the Facebook Live chat.

Broadcaster India Willoughby asked: "Are you a fan of Fox News?"

Basil shared that while Daily was his favourite news outlet, he did in fact like Fox News as he is a fan of "anything with fox in it," such as "Fox’s Glacier Mints".

As well as having his starring turn on Daily Star’s Facebook page, Basil will be appearing in upcoming panto Cinderella at the Theatre Royal Windsor from Thursday November 26 to Sunday January 10 2021.

Speaking about his role in the production, which also stars Britt Ekland, Steven Blakeley and Kevin Cruise, Basil said: "You shall go to the ball, well you will in Cinderella at the Theatre Royal Windsor!

"A socially distanced panto to make it feel like Xmas in these strange times, it’s a panto that will go with a boom boom ..!

"Can’t wait to start rehearsals, I’m a fox so I don’t have to wear a mask, but I must have my rabies jab! Boom boom."

You can view Basil's chat here.

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