Beatles legend Ringo Starr teaches drumming class

Ringo Starr and wife Maureen discuss wedding in 1965

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Ringo, 81, recalls playing with them was “like being psychic”. He added: “We knew what to do and we loved to do it with each other.” The iconic British musician also has a key piece of advice for would-be drummers: “Love what you’re doing.”

His tutoring will include a session on creative collaboration. Ringo, real-name Sir Richard Starkey, said: “You’ve got to do it your way. It doesn’t matter if there’s 40,000 people or 40 – get yourself some friends and play. The more you play the better life is.”

Ringo has twice been inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, both as a Beatle and a solo artist.

His course, which includes 12 video lessons for a total of one hour 49 minutes, is among more than 150 classes led by stars and experts on the website MasterClass.

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