Bee Gees icon Barry Gibb says he reunites with late brothers every night

Barry Gibb has said he has a Bee Gees reunion with his late brothers Robin and Maurice most nights in his sleep.

And he said he always wakes up happy – even though the band had bitter bust-ups and splits in real life.

Sir Barry, 74, revealed: “I dream of them all the time and it’s like real life.

“And then I wake up and they’re not here.

“That doesn’t go away and it happens every couple of nights, you know?

“And it’s always really happy but I remember all the connecting emotions when that happens.

“I can see Robin and I talk to Maurice and I talk to Robin.

“And then I realise when I wake up that that’s not real and I can’t believe in the dream how happy we all were, you know?

“And I remember my emotions still being the same: ‘Oh Rob, I hope you’re in a good mood today,’ or, ‘Oh yeah, Rob’s smiling – it’s ok.’ We’re all so unpredictable.”

Maurice was 53 when he died in 2003 due to complications of a twisted intestine while Robin was 62 when he died from cancer in 2012.

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In their pomp, the sibling rivalry between the brothers caused the band to break-up – with Robin launching a solo career after a row over who was the band’s lead singer.

But Barry told Zane Lowe on his podcast that the group – famous for hits like How Deep Is Your Love and Tragedy – wouldn’t have survived so many tough times if they hadn’t been brothers.

He added: “You’re never going to get just good and you’re never going to get just bad, just keep doing your best. It’s all you can do.

“Everybody sort of just got tired and we didn’t want to be in the studio 12 hours a day, because that was what we were doing.

“Everything changes and nothing lasts and we all drifted off in some way or another.”

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